Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 2 October 2014

AishaNorthYou have by now taken a whole lot of pressure off your shoulders dear ones, and even if you might argue that it feels more like the opposite is true, this is indeed the case. For as you have allowed yourselves to further this expansion, you have also served to alleviate the pressure from the old. For even if many of you like to think that it is the incoming energies that are adding to the pressure, it is more correct to say that it is in fact the imbalance between the old and the new that constitutes this pressure, and now, as you have managed to create spaces that allow this flow between them to travel in a much more efficient way, you have also allowed yourself the benefit of equaling out the difference between your current state and the upcoming one to such a degree, it will feel lighter for you to step through the divide.

Let us explain. You see, this old energetic compartment that you have been used to has by now been reduced to a tiny cubicle within a huge structure of similar cells, much like that fabled honeycomb that so frequently emerges as an image for so many of you, and rightly so, for your own personal space has now been much more clearly defined than before. This may sound counterintuitive when so much of this process is all about connecting ever deeper. But that is indeed the case, for previously your own personal energetic space was so cluttered or polluted if you will by denser energies, all originating from somewhere outside of your sphere of influence. But now, you have managed to clear most of that away, and so your own personal space is far less restricting even if it a times may seem to be smaller, but this is also a result of this ongoing process of energetic alteration. For you needed to become disconnected from the old in such a way your own viable space would stand out in contrast to everything around you, both for your sake and for ours. Remember this is indeed a collective process, but as has been shared on many a previous occasion, it is also very much an individual one that caters to your own personal requirements when it comes to the form of energetic rewiring that you need in order to make you better prepared for the tasks ahead. And so, a large part of this entire operation has been about removal of noise as in frequencies that have been jamming up your own channel, the channel that needs to be functioning at optimal ability from this point on. And so, you have been through a rigorous reprogramming that has enabled removal of all of the old junk to give it a familiar name, and the insertion of codes that will enable the rest of your own inherent system to begin to fire up.

Again this is a process that needs to be taken in stages, otherwise you would not even be able to take your own voltage. For you are indeed high fliers dear ones, in every sense of the word, but as an important prerequisite for you to do this job is to be literally grounded within that physical vehicle you currently call home, you also needed protection from your own inherent force field in the interim. But now so much has been cleared and you have also managed to open yourself up sufficiently to begin to finally reopen the full connection to your own atomic core. And yes. we do use that word deliberately, for this is indeed something that is happening on a molecular level, a tremendous release of energies that have been stored within you waiting for this exact moment to arrive. And now, you are ready to go, ready to begin your ascent by firing up that powerhouse that is truly yours, contained within every single fiber of your being literally within your own DNA, in every single cell of your somewhat deceptive looking physical frame. For on the outside, you look like no more than an average human, one who can only take so much wear and tear, but on the inside, the real you is starting to seep through in a very literal way. And so, one by one, tiny little explosions of light will be set off, and they in turn will serve to ignite a whole structure of interconnected reactions within your physical body, all with the same goal in mind: to finally release the totality of your power – in every sense of the word.

For what you walk around in, is nothing short of a highly intelligent construction of the utmost capability, a human body made ready for creating a brand new world by its very presence on these shores, and through that body change will happen on such a scale, you cannot even begin to take it in at this level. For you think of yourselves in a very limited way, and you also think yourselves as limited by that physical vehicle, well, think again. For as we have told you before, this body will be your strongest ally in the times ahead, and the two of you will in perfect unison create something that has never been created anywhere before, and when we say that, we do not restrict it to just your planet, but much, much further afield.

So once again we say take good care of that body, and know that it in turn will help you to manifest everything that you dream of and more. For everything you will ever need is within reach for you now, both in a very literal way and also energetically, and now, all it takes is for you to allow yourself to stretch further and reach wider than ever before, not just in your imagination, but also in your actions. For as you all start to stir within that single cell of energy that constitutes your own personal space, you will make the whole hive hum in unison, and together, the vibrations you will emanate will serve to wake up the slumberers so that they too will be able to reach in and switch on their inner powerhouse as well and join in the chorus.

So stay tuned as they say and know that whatever happens next will be for your benefit, for it will also serve to magnify not just your light but also to decrease the distance between this step on the energetic ladder and the next one to such a degree, you might find yourself taking several of them in one single step. / link to original article

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