GMO Lies Debunked: Food Labeling Will Not Significantly Raise Prices For Consumers – Study – 2 October 2014

RT logoMandatory labeling of genetically-engineered foods available to consumers would result in a cost increase of $2.30 per person each year, according to a new study that analyzed research on labeling costs ahead of Oregon’s ballot initiative on the issue.

Thereport, conducted by economic research firm ECONorthwest, examined “existing research presented in academic and other publications relevant to the question of [genetically engineered] labeling costs” that used models pertinent to the requirements vested in Ballot Measure 92, the labeling initiative Oregon residents will vote on this November.

If passed, the main demands of Ballot Measure 92 would mandate sufficient labels on any packaged food with a GE ingredient and in-store placards or labels on GE raw foods. Food producers and food retailers, respectively, would be responsible for those costs. Any food that has a GE-ingredient weight of 0.9 percent must comply with the labeling standards, which are similar to the requirements for GMO labeling in the European Union.

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