Sophia Love – Still Waking Up… – 2 October 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Three years ago this video was produced. It’s message is relevant and timely still today. We’ve come such a long distance since then. The lead up to and let down after 12.21.12 has changed all of us. We’ve perhaps been through anger and hope and depression and waiting, always there is the waiting.

There are still today a variety of versions of prophecies and prophets. Many dates have come and gone, along with their promises of prosperity, enlightenment, collapse or spaceships.

What was then and is today a constant – is you. Every answer,  and all value, healing, abundance and love is found in your very own soul.

In 2011 these were the words we hoped “someone” would “make come true” for us, without completely understanding how that would happen. We know better now.

“Time”, trial and error bring us back here at every turn. Home.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


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