Laura Bruno – Uprooting Trees – 4 October 2014

laura-of-the-rocksWell, this bizarre trend of thinking of a plant or tree not being there and then said plant or tree “uprooting itself” right afterwards continues. This has now happened so many times in our yard that I’ve lost track, beginning with a (dead) rose bush I didn’t feel like digging out, only to go outside the next morning to find someone/something had uprooted it for me overnight. I’m not sure what to make of the following exchange and email snippet, but here you go … this from another discussion on exopermaculture regarding manmade climate change:


… I support people changing their relationship to Earth — just wish it didn’t need to turn into a new socialist religion. We have plenty of old Earth traditions that we could turn to without turning ourselves into corporate and media pawns. Not soooo long ago, sovereignty and the land went together, and the health of the land was considered a direct indication of the quality or depravity of its leaders. Leaders were required to sacrifice themselves to the land, not destroy the land and its people. I’d be curious to see how much this planet will heal just by removing the psychopathic, parasitic leaders who wouldn’t know a sacred tree if it uprooted itself and knocked them into a never-ending sinkhole, which … come to think of it … isn’t such a bad idea. 😉

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