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Iran ‘Not Ready’ To Replace Russian Gas Supplies To EU – Rouhani – 4 October 2014

RT logoIran is not ready to satisfy EU’s gas demand and replace Russia as a key supplier if sanctions against Tehran are lifted, said Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani. He added that the country lags behind in gas extraction.

“As you know, Iran has the largest deposits of gas,” Rouhani said. “But we lag behind in gas output and so we first think about the domestic demands,” said Rouhani in an interview with Rossiya 1 news channel.

Rouhani added that “from time to time” Iran has problems with gas during winter.

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Jon Rappoport – The Ebola Fear: “Transmission Of The Virus” – 4 October 2014

jon7Transmission of the virus…this is what everybody is worried about now.

Transmission, transmission, transmission, through this route and that route.

I have news. Transmission does not automatically equal getting sick.

If it did, the entire human race would have been wiped out centuries ago.

People transfer germs to each other all the time. They house untold numbers of germs, and they transfer them. Continue reading

Finally! Sub-Atomic Particle Observed, Both Matter & Antimatter – 4 October 2014

Screenshot from vimeo user Princeton UniversityScreenshot from vimeo user Princeton University

After 80 years of painstaking experimentation, scientists have directly observed a sub-atomic particle that is its own antiparticle. The breakthrough promises a leap forward in quantum computing and potentially shows the path to finding dark matter.

The particles are called the Majorana fermions, after the Italian scientist who proposed their existence back in 1937. Quantum theory was in its infancy at the time, and scientists first theorized that antimatter existed: an opposite particle to the commonly-observed electrons and other particles were necessary for quantum equations to work.

Although since then many forms of antimatter have been observed, the Majorana fermion remained elusive for decades, partially because it virtually doesn’t interact with regular particles. A team of researchers at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands reported a possible discovery of evidence of the Majorana back in 2012, but other scientists pointed out that their results could have been caused by other phenomena.

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‘He Will Be History’: Turkish President Lashes Out At Joe Biden Over ISIS Comments – 4 October 2014

RT logoTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed he would wash his hands of Joe Biden if reports that the US vice president blamed Turkey in part for the rise of the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) were true.

On Thursday, Biden said his “old friend” Erdogan had admitted to making a mistake in allowing foreign fighters to cross the Turkish border into Syria.

“You were right. We let too many people through.’ Now they’re trying to seal their border,” Biden quoted Erdogan as saying.

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ZeroHedge – The Monetized New Millennium – 4 October 2014

ZeroHedgeBruno de Landevoisin's picture

Courtesy of the StealthFlation Blog

I’m certain that the Pompom waving Stock Market fanatics and official Federal Reserve cheer-leading squad will have a hard time accepting this, but fortunately, despite their fantasy football gymnastics, facts remain facts.  As such, I will categorically point out that even with its substantial sell off, Gold remains by far the best performing asset class of the Monetized New Millennium.  That veritable fact is as startling, as it is significant.

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Harvard Cops On Alert As Hundreds Of Students Get ‘Shooting’ Threat – 4 October 2014

RT logoHarvard University police are tightening security around the Ivy League institution as they investigate emails delivered to hundreds of students and staff on Friday from an individual who threatened to visit the school “tomorrow” and shoot them.

The racially-charged messages, mostly delivered to students with Asian surnames, referred to the email recipients as “slit-eyes.”

READ MORE: Police officer shot in Ferguson, two suspects at large

In a copy of the email forwarded to Harvard’s campus newspaper, the Crimson, the author threatened to arrive at the university on Saturday at “11 clock” and “kill you individually.”

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6.0 Magnitude Quake Hits Azerbaijan – 4 October 2014

RT logoA 6.0-magnitude earthquake hit northern Azerbaijan, 220km from the capital, Baku, reported the country’s national seismology center. The area has been struck by a series of tremors in the last few days.

The quake struck at a depth of 5km and was 13km northeast of the town of Qabala, said press service of seismological service of Azerbaijan’s Academy of Science. It was recorded at 9:59am local time (04:59 GMT).

The tremors in Qabala, the most ancient city of Azerbaijan and home to some 13,000 residents, were registered at a magnitude of 5.0. No casualty or damage reports were immediately available.

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Judith Dagley – New Video – The Transformational Alchemy Of Integration: Cracking The Codes! – 4 October 2014

judithHi, this is Judith, bringing you a very important video! In June, 2014, the celestial team and I released “The Human Wound–The Truth That Will Set You Free,” in which we cracked the codes of separation (alchemically speaking). I understood there was a crucial second half to it that would be coming, but only after the required “period of digestion” we needed in order to thoroughly take in the alchemy released through those codes.

Well, I/we are excited to say that NOW is the “time,” and so we bring you this NEW video, which cracks the codes of integration– or more accurately, RE-integration! Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Fear, Your Greater Ascension Evolution And Healing By Mary Magdalene – 4 October 2014

natalie glassonGreetings dear brothers and sisters of the light, I honour your journey and existence upon the Earth at this sacred time. It is my wish to bring forth the wisdom of the New Era of Love in order to build your connection, alignment and belief in love within your reality and ascension process on the Earth. There is so much love to be experienced and to be embodied within your being and all around you pulsating from the source that is the Creator. It is time to truly dedicate and commit yourself to the Era of Love, if it is your greatest desire and wish to experience such a reality upon the Earth. It is my wish to share with you wisdom and enlightenment I have received from the Era of Love energy vibration while imagining it as a wave flowing from and through my own being.

Continue reading

Jim Self – Plantery Update – October 2014 – 4 October 2014

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