Sophia Love – Hey Masters, Pay Attention! – 4 October 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

You’ve come to understand the world is not as it has always seemed. In a very 3D way, many things you may have assumed were rock solid and of pure intent are in fact not solid at all. In many cases they are motivated by some form of self interest rather than altruistic goal.

By now, these things do not surprise you as it seems there has been revelation after revelation. No part of your institutional systems has been left untouched. Your very schools, the places where you dutifully send your precious offspring, are in more cases than not factories for a very specific type of mind programming. None of this was in your head or heart when you participated and yet you’ve been there and thus been privy to the intended message.

What will serve your highest intent, moving forward from here into a different world, is not cynicism and distrust but awareness, transparency and a deeper inspection of intent. In fact, you may not be in “favor” of how things have been controlled and operated on a global, national or corporate scale, but they are not worthy of your judgment. Here’s why.

The energy of intent and focus is just that – energy. As such, it is creative, powerful and sacred. If you were operating in a fully conscious state, you’d not spend a nan o-second of it on a direction you were not fully supportive of. Where you send it becomes manifest in your days and seemingly a more “solid” aspect of this existence. Choose always what serves your highest good.

Seen this way, the “atrocities” and dark plans you are now aware of become tools for creative consciousness. You are, with each new report, able to more accurately discern which specifics you’d like to see in play. You are now fully equipped to create them.

Each moment is an opportunity for change on any scale – miniscule or global, as your moment by moment perception is all that drives “reality”. This is amazing news and brings to light the power you embody. It is never true that you are “stuck” in any circumstance. Only your belief makes it so. Repetitious belief is the basis for constant depression or sustained joy. Choose.

All of this may be news yet it is not new. Life has been created this way always, by your imagining of it. Once you’ve seen the possibility for alteration, it exists. Now it only takes furthering that vision with repetitive imaginings and expansive emotion.

The feeling of “yes” is growth producing and limitless; while “no” constricts, shuts down and limits. The very slightest shift of focus allows for either an alternative possibility or more of what you don’t want. Constant vigilance!!!

This become not work, but play as you shape and mold your day to day with belief in a better way, a compassionate approach and a loving and beautiful force beneath each interaction. We see near instant manifestation these days so pay attention! Your greatest teacher is each outcome you are witnessing. Don’t like it? Adjust and choose again.

Like a Master in any discipline, it takes practice, dedication and love of the craft. The outcome is you. Choose always love.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

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