Laura Bruno – Derrick Jensen: “There Is ONE Measure By Which We Will Be Judged By Those That Come After Us . . . – 6 October 2014



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. . . and that’s the health of the land base. It’s the only thing that matters. the ONLY thing. . . You can have this eco-groovy socialist utopia, and if you’re living on a poisoned planet, you don’t have anything!”“People ask me if I advocate violence and I say no. Nor do I advocate non-violence. I advocate being present to your circumstances and being present to your own gifts, and using those gifts in the service of the land base.”“Imagine: we all start saying: ‘I will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to stop global warming, monsanto, military imperialism, etc.’ What happens if we do that?”This rousing Derrick Jensen clip reminds me of my vow, on returning from the North American Permaculture Convergence in Minnesota just over a month ago. My take-away from the convergence was the understanding that any permaculture project of whatever size, if it’s worth it’s salt, will rub…

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