Méline Lafont – Lady Portia – The Core Of The Current Happenings On Your Planes; The Search For Peace Within And Unity With Self – 6 October 2014

MélineLately many are feeling the urge to leave this plane and to exit.  I am getting tons of messages like this from sweet and precious hearts who feel simply exhausted and have had enough of it. This is understandable as what is arising currently is not all glitter and glamour so to speak but Earth and we, ourselves, are transmuting a lot of old layers and debts that have been created by al of us in the first place.  Nobody said it would be easy when we chose to come to Earth and assist in the recalibration and rebirthing process we call “Ascension”.

But we are the ones that came to this Earth because we have the strength for this and because we need to transmute all, which is a part of our being.  Many are assisting us from on High and in all planes and levels of consciousness.

When you feel you want to go “home”, truly ask yourself these questions:  Why do you want to go home and where is home in your mindset?  Is it because you can not stand the density and you want to linger in the “Higher” frequencies?  Is it because you miss that feeling of bliss and that part of you which makes you feel loved, supported and cared for?  OR is it because you are tired of these challenges and you want to have it easier?  When you dig into that questioning you might find the answer given to you that in fact all you want to be in, is in fact already here.  For it is within you, it is you! So wherever you go and are, you are your home.  And those Higher frequencies that you yearn for to be in, as what you see as home, are frequencies you carry within you and therefore you can bring those down here on Earth in your reality as well.  It is therefore that one must look within for everything.

So when you feel a lack of happiness, inspiration, or higher vibrations… than truly find it in yourself and bring it out to shift your reality and that of the collective, as it all starts with you.  Instead of stepping away from this reality and looking for other places around you to feel fullfilled, find it within your own heart again as this is truly where everything lies what you are searching for.

You can bring down your own higher vibrations (which is what most seek for as the bliss feeling) and inspirations by allowing the heart to open so that you are the conduit of Light that brings down your Higher Self and the Solar Christed Codes.  Instead of wanting to leave in order to find these higher vibrations somewhere else and feel home, bring it (your home) back here, right in and through your Beingness, as this is truly what you are searching for in the first place.
September has been functioning as a deeper and more profound alignment with your Higher Selves, as you integrate the Solar Christ codes of your own Beingness all the while experiencing the continuous cleansing and releasing of your old layers.  This process will continue to unfold as the collective is now releasing its old stamps and is erasing its marks in order to forget these old layers of structures.  The New is on its way and it is being birthed as we speak through you all individually.  That is why many find themselves in waves of cleansing/integrating/activating and releasing.  Again and again.  Truly honor and accept this facet of your path to unfold as this is an intrinsic part of creation.
You are the conduits that bring everything and these Christed levels upon the Earth, through your bodies and your heart.  Your human vehicles are changing and transforming into Merkabas/lightbodies and therefore a thorough cleansing and release is the order of the day on all levels.  As your Human tempels are expressing more and more pristine frequencies in every cell, you will start to experience profound awakenings to your Multi Dimensional awareness and bodily changes that will demand even more of your willingness and openness to let go and to trust.  It is about surrendering to your own Divine will and to let go of the need to control in order to allow.
Imagine to simultaneously be present  in more and different consciousness levels.  This is what you are starting to experience by heart: your multifaceted being, as you are coming out of your shell to play and to explore all of this.  It is important to truly take your time with this so it can remain comfortable as wanting to go too fast will seed confusion.  Our Human brain is still a part of our vehicle so it wants to take everything into account of the possibilities to assimilate what this experience is all about.  Take it step by step and allow yourself to implement these levels as profoundly as possible before moving into another multidimensional facet of yourself.  The more you integrate all the facets, the more detached you become from this level of reality and your current life.  To maintain Balance within this all is then KEY to be able and ride these waves of your Multidimensional experiences with joy.
My Higher Level consciousness Lady Portia:
Precious Hearts, You are starting to linger in multidimensional planes, where you see the confusion arise on planes where there is more dust than Light.  These planes too shall come to shift eventually as the Light contains more power than dust has.  These planes will rise up to the Light and to compassion as these are now shifting into gears of consciousness awakening.  Many do see the conduits of Light in those areas performing their utmost best to shift this reality in releasing the old debts and energies that had to surface all at once.
Do not underestimate the power of Love and compassion, Precious Hearts, for it has a willingness of its own that seeds all hearts with its power of being.  I come to you these days with empowerment of Balance as I AM the keeper of it.  It is with my Grace and compassionate Love, that I offer each and everyone of you my true colors as a gift to stir up the power within you through balance and acceptance.  It is my understanding, as much as it is yours, to keep the balance maintained in your Precious Hearts at all times so that you all can thrive in what each and every heart yearns to create: and that is peace and understanding as ONE Unity.
Anchor the peace within yourselves to anchor it for the world, as you are portals of peace yourselves. See yourselves as those ‘peace-portals’, traveling all over the world in consciousness and bring this peace back onto the Earth so that Gaia can shed more of her old layers in peace.  Understanding shall come forth from this, as well as peace and unity for all who are willing to see the peace in each man’s -, woman’s – and child’s eyes.  It lingers in all of you, and so it shall BE upon this plane as you represent what you are in this lifetime, by heart.
Many understand the fluctuations in everyone’s heart, which is unfolding as we speak.  For it is an instigator of that which has to change profoundly and shift into new and other planes of awareness. As the New is being birthed through your hearts, it is allowing you all to venture in New realities that in Truth have been a part of your whole plane of consciousness all along.  It is my truth which I pass onto you, when I say to you that each and everyone by heart is a piece of the one called God in consciousness, and this each in its own unique way.  So why do you allow confusion to be seeded, my Precious Hearts,  when you know and understand that everyone is One with all That Is, as there is indeed no separation.
Hold each other’s hands and co-create what abounds in all of you, which is peace and understanding of unity.  Keep that intention alive instead of creating separation.  You are all wondrous beings of Light and I AM astounded by how powerful your awakenings and consciousness are bringing movement upon these planes.  Hold that thought and that creation of peace to dwell abundantly within all, as this is truly the core of the current happenings on your planes; the search for peace within and unity with Self through others and thyself.
I greet you profusely in all serenity, peace and Love
I AM Lady Portia, in service to all
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