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Airstrikes Not Enough, Ground Troops Needed To Defeat ISIS – UK General – 6 October 2014

RT logoSyrian Kurds have echoed the warning of a British military official, claiming that airstrikes against ISIS are not enough to defeat it.

Kurds fighting against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) militants who are closing in on the city of Kobani in Syria, near the Turkish border, said there are too many IS fighters to stop them with airpower alone.

“Airstrikes alone are really not enough to defeat ISIS in Kobani,” Idris Nassan, a senior spokesman for the Kurdish fighters, told the Guardian. “They are besieging the city on three sides, and fighter jets simply cannot hit each and every ISIS fighter on the ground.”

The US extended its aerial campaign from northern Iraq to Syria almost two weeks ago. The UK Parliament voted in favor of launching RAF Tornado jets to strike against IS targets, but only in northern Iraq.

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Khorasan Terrorists Will Attack US ‘Very, Very Soon,’ FBI Director Warns – 6 October 2014

RT logoThe Khorasan Group, the Al-Qaeda-linked cell that just landed on the US intelligence radar last month, allegedly has Americans in its ranks fighting in the Middle East whom the FBI cannot prevent from re-entering the country.

Last month, the world was introduced to yet another terrorist group – the Khorasan Group – a veteran group of Al-Qaeda-affiliated radicals purportedly running amok in the Middle East, which the head of the FBI says is “bent on destruction” – and most specifically in the United States.

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“Khorasan was working and you know, may still be working on an effort to attack the United States or our allies, and looking to do it very, very soon,” James Comey said in an interview with 60 Minutes, a CBS news program.

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John Ward – Pensions: George Osborne – Destroyer Of Personal Wealth….Supplier To Corporatist Fascism – 6 October 2014

Rich depraved bloke seeks to tax deprived Oldies to deathdepravedos

On April 6th 2015, everyone with a draw-down pension will be able to turn it into cash – and/or do a lot more things with it as a pension. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Just as with Help to Buy, the minute Osborne announced this scam I was in grudging awe of the man’s skill when it comes to underwater three-dimensional Chess moves. He may have 100% of all the wrong ends, but he does have 250% of the right means to achieve said ends. Continue reading

Typhoon Hits Japan: 50 Injured, 4 Swept Out To Sea, Tokyo Drenched – 6 October 2014

RT logoAt least one person died and five remain missing after powerful Typhoon Phanfone struck Japan, bringing rough seas heavy rain and strong winds. About 50 people have been injured throughout the islands.

A member of US Air Force drowned as he was taking photos of the coast of the southern Okinawa Prefecture. Two more US personnel remain missing after the three were swept out to sea by powerful waves.

“Three officials were taking pictures with high waves whipped up by the typhoon in the background,” a spokesman at local police told AFP. “One has been found dead, with the two others still missing.”

On Sunday Japanese broadcaster NHK reported that one university student, aged 21, went missing while doing surfing near the city of Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, central Japan.

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Ukraine May Have Found A Gas Savior In Norway, Moscow Skeptical – 6 October 2014

RT logoNaftogaz, Ukraine’s biggest natural gas company, has signed a deal with Norway’s Statoil and started receiving shipments, arriving just in time to possibly save Kiev from an energy crisis before winter. Experts in Moscow doubt the legality.

“Statoil has signed an agreement with yet another new-to-Statoil gas customer in the European gas market. The agreement with Naftogaz is for deliveries of gas in Slovakia,” Statoil spokesman Morten Eek said, noting shipments began on Wednesday from Slovakia.

“From there, they are responsible for transportation,” Eek said, but didn’t specify the price Naftogaz is paying for the deliveries.

The spokesman said the deal is “short-term” and the volumes are “relatively-low”.

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John Ward – Today’s Eight Reasons Why Crash2 Is Coming – 6 October 2014

gELIWURSTMerkel clobbered by neolib boomerang syndrome

At the end of its first, ignominious year, Help to Buy results are available for analysis. The Sun headline is Kylie marries former jailbird in no that’s not right, the real write-bite is this: 2.5% of all mortgages have used the scheme, and the adopters are young and downmarket wannabes north of London who live predominantly in Labour constituencies. The very folks who don’t normally vote Conservative. Just fancy that. Continue reading

Brenda Hoffman – Your Segments Are Creating Fun Chaos – 6 October 2014

cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo

Summary of Brenda’s October 3, 2014 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:  The energy bursts of the next few days will be a bit deeper and/or disconcerting than you’ve experienced before. If you’ve focused on emotional issues during this transition, you’ll experience more physical shifts. If you’ve focused on physical issues, you’ll shift to emotional pieces. You’re expanding, growing, adding to your being. You’re no longer a segmented being of 3D earth – you’ve joined the Universes. Continue reading