Wes Annac – Who Is Ra? – Part 11: The Veil Of Forgetfulness – 2/2 – 6 October 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 1

The idea that we were purposefully split from our unconscious mind to experience the earth with a greater degree of freewill is slightly correct.

Question: “The idea was then to create some type of veil between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. Is this correct?

“This is correct.

Question: “It was probably the design of the Logos to allow the conscious mind greater freedom under the first distortion by partitioning it from the unconscious mind, which had a greater communication with the total mind … therefore allowing for the birth of ‘uneducated’ portions of consciousness. Is this correct?

“This is roughly correct.” (1)

We’re here to make the exact choices we want to make under the veil of forgetfulness, even if this means we don’t live up to our potential or we seem to flow against our own life plan. The veil doesn’t all-out separate us from our subconscious mind, but it sends us on a journey to eventually reclaim and re-embrace this omnipotent aspect of ourselves.

As many of us are starting to learn, we’re never really cut off from our subconscious (or the higher realms in general), and we can connect with it at any time of day and receive a wealth of flowing energy and information related to our lives and the spiritual nature of our existence.

We willingly shed our perception of this aspect of ourselves to exist in the lower realms, but now, we’re removing our blinders and embracing the unlimited perception we have the opportunity to feel and enjoy.

There’s an apparent ‘law of confusion’ that accompanies the veil of forgetfulness, and Ra would never violate this law by sharing information we aren’t ready to hear (unless they were directly questioned about such information).

“There is a limit beyond which information (if given by Ra) would be an intrusion upon the law of confusion.

It is not our understanding that we have the right or duty to share our perceptions on any subject, except philosophy, without direct question. 

Unless the question contains the potential for answers which may infringe upon free will, we offer our answers – even if the question is unimportant.” (2)

Every channeled source honors this law, and if a source either gives information we know is misleading or gives direct answers to questions that we can’t yet fathom or that violate our freewill, we can know they’re a negative entity who seeks to confuse and mislead.

True, genuine channeled sources will only share as much information and insight as we’re ready to absorb, and they’re waiting until we’re back in the higher realms to share the greater revelations with us.

Our illusory veils will have dissolved by that point, and we’ll not only understand, but feel in a real and pure sense that we’re one with our creator and the infinite creation around us. We’ll know and perceive a lot by then, but we’ll still have a lot to learn before we’re back in Source’s inexplicably pure realms.

In our final quote, Ra tells us that they’d never intentionally share misinformation, but some confusion may come across in their words at times given that they seek to honor the law of confusion, which requires them not to directly disclose information we can’t handle.

Question: “If I were in the place of Ra right now, the first distortion of the Law of One might cause me to mix some incorrect data with the true information I was transmitting to this group. Do you do this?

“We do not intentionally do this. However, there will be some confusion. It is not our intent to create incorrect information, but to express the feeling of the Infinite Mystery of the One Creation in its infinite and intelligent unity.” (3)

Ra and plenty of other genuine channeled sources want to share as much pure information as they can, but they’re conflicted by our self-instated veil of forgetfulness and the necessity not to pierce this veil with information that’s too far outside of our current understanding for us to take in.

We have to be gradually awakened to the sacred truths of our existence before we can perceive them without being overwhelmed, and the love our creator has for us is so strong that he/she honors our collective decision to experience the lower realms, even if this means we remain slightly ignorant of certain concepts.

We’ll awaken to everything Ra can’t yet tell us in due time, but for now, we still have a lot of helpful information to sort through that Ra was able to disclose to humanity. Like I’ve said before, Ra’s is among the most revolutionary channeled material out there, and they’ve shared a lot of spectacular information that scientists are just beginning to validate.

Science and spirit are merging on our evolving planet, and various revolutionary ‘spiritual scientists’ as I’ll call them are stepping up to bring Ra’s teachings to the world in a different, more graspable and acceptable form.

We’ll learn even more interesting and paradigm-expanding things from Ra and the rest of the Company of Heaven when we’re back in the higher realms, and needless to say, we’ll know by then that our existence is absolutely nothing like we were led to believe.

This creation’s nearly impossible to understand or decode from our current perspective, but this’ll change as we continue to become aware and use our awareness for helpful and progressive purposes.

We’re helping the rest of the planet open up to the sacred, suppressed truths of our existence, and we have the loving assistance of Ra and waves of other higher-dimensional souls who genuinely want to see us progress and, eventually, learn the things they can’t yet tell us.

Let’s keep piercing our veils, fellow seekers, and let’s welcome spirit and everything that comes with it into our perception with open arms. Our journey through the dimensions has just begun, but it’s already getting very interesting.


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