Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 7 October 2014

AishaNorthToday you will once again enter another phase that will bring with it even more acceleration of this process, and through what you accomplished during that last sitting if we may call it that, or your monthly get-together to be more precise, you already stand perfectly poised to receive the blessings that will be coming your way by means of certain celestial events that some of you may already be aware of. (Lunar eclipse October 8, partial solar eclipse October 23)

Let us explain. As we told you beforehand, this communal get-together that you participated in just two days ago was indeed another important event, one that allowed you to open yourselves up in a very literal way to a brand new force of energetics. You see, this was in every sense a very individual process once again, and even if it took part in collaboration with so many other individuals, it was indeed your own private chance to shine your light in a very new way. And so you did, and for this, we cannot thank you enough, for as we have told you again and again, this is done by you, not for you. And so what the rest of us can do, is simply to assist you in every way on your journey. So as you allowed yourself to take a step forward and say YES with all of your being, so much was put into motion by that seemingly small step of mankind, and the implications from this small step forwards will be even more gigantic than when those famous words were uttered for the very first time from one of your fellow men setting foot onto the surface of a hitherto unexplored terra incognita, your Moon.

For what you are about to embark upon now, will be even more magnificent than what was done so many years ago by a few individuals who took upon them the daunting journey to your friendly neighbour in the sky, your Moon, and when we say that this celestial object will also play a major part in the upcoming events we think you will all understand what we are implying at. For tomorrow will be the first of a series of two interconnected events, both of them involving celestial objects in your vicinity, and both entailing major shifts in your very atmosphere – in a very literal sense of the word. And again, it was not by accident that the timing of your collective event was so that it would predate these two events in such a way, it would serve as the perfect opportunity to enable all of you to literally tune yourselves in for what will start to come about in just a few hours. You see, you will begin to receive some very interesting downloads indeed, and they will be magnified by the actual dimming down of the Moon as its passes through the shadow of your world in a way that will enable certain codes to be transmitted in this lull if you will of the regular exchange between your world and that of your neighbours. And so, another huge opening will begin, one that will herald in a whole new set of energetic conjunctions that in turn will serve your needs in all sorts of ways.

We know it will sound that we are simply repeating old messages, but this is once again what will take place during this upcoming two week period of heightened activities – both in your skies and most of all, within your physical vehicle. Look upon it as a new beginning in so many ways, for what you have accomplished, is to literally enable yourself to receive into your physical body a part of your consciousness that has not been here before. And this part of you will enable the workings of your physical body to step up to the plate in a very efficient and indeed accomplished manner, but it will also serve to facilitate your own connection with All of creation.

So again we say thank you for all that you do and for all that you are, for now, you are truly so much more than what you were merely a few days ago. For you have started to complete yourself in such a way, the rest of this process will unfold at warp speed to use a familiar phrase. So sit back and enjoy the ride, and know that no matter how turbulent it may seem at times, you now have a very seasoned crew on deck, and it will do everything it can to ensure a safe, smooth and enjoyable ride for all. / link to original article

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