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Terrorists Within? FBI Urges Americans To Inform On ‘Suspicious’ Fellow Citizens – 8 October 2014

RT logoThe FBI counter-terrorism division is calling on to Americans to report on fellow citizens engaged in suspicious activities to help identify possible terrorists, in the first place those connected to terrorist activities overseas.

In a statement published by the FBI on Tuesday, assistant director of the counter-terrorism division Michael Steinbach said the Bureau needs “the public’s assistance in identifying US persons, going to fight overseas with terrorist groups or who are returning home from fighting overseas.”

Any useful information about terror suspects can be sent to the FBI’s website or by calling 1-800-CALL-FBI, the agency announced.

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Solar Threat: Space Weather Center Seeks To Defend UK Against Extreme Storms – 8 October 2014

RT logoA £4.6 million Space Weather Operations Centre will open in the UK on Wednesday, aimed at protecting Britain’s economy and infrastructure from severe space weather including potentially destructive solar activity.

The most severe storms can wreak havoc, potentially affecting radio communication systems, satellites and power grids. As a result, the UK government has requested the Met Office in Devon extend its forecasting remit from terrestrial weather systems to those common to outer space.

Meteorologists began coordinating operational forecasting several weeks ago, working alongside US experts. In a collaborative effort with the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and an array of UK agencies, the center will forecast the potential impact of violent and powerful solar phenomena on Earth.

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(A Reminder ) – Honourable Ann Bressington Exposes UN Agenda 21 Club of Rome Population Control World Government – 8 October 2014

Uploaded on February 16, 2013 by  Cameron Mottus (Lucas: thanks to Ann and Jean Haines)

The Honourable Ann Bressington exposes the hidden agenda of the Club of Rome, UN Agenda 21, population control and world government. She gives a frank assessment of what has happened up until now and suggests some solutions for averting our enslavement.

This video was recorded as an introduction for Lord Monckton’s trip to South Australia February 2013. His presentation is called “Carbon tax, climate scam, Agenda 21: can democracy survive all three? Lord Monckton does due diligence”.

You can find a summary of the content of this video at: http://defeatingnwo.blogspot.com.au/2…

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Spain’s Ebola-Infected Nurse Not Immediately Isolated, Treated In Cuts-Hit Hospital – 8 October 2014

A doctor walks outside Carlos III hospital in Madrid, where a Spanish nurse who contracted Ebola is being treated, October 7, 2014. (Reuters/Andrea Comas)

A doctor walks outside Carlos III hospital in Madrid, where a Spanish nurse who contracted Ebola is being treated, October 7, 2014. (Reuters/Andrea Comas)

Teresa Ramos, Spain’s Ebola-infected nurse, was reportedly separated only by curtains from other patients at a Madrid hospital where she was tested for the virus. The country’s underfunded health service is under fire for its “inadequate” response.

Ebola spread ‘unavoidable’ in Europe due to extensive travel – WHO

Ramos, 44, who tested positive for Ebola, was not immediately accepted to the central Carlos III hospital, where she came to report possible symptoms of the deadly virus, and where Ebola patients have previously received treatment, Diario Enfermero (Nurse Journal) has reported. She was instead sent to her local medical facility – the Alcorcón hospital, also in the Spanish capital.

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#WakeUpCall: New Viral Charity Challenge Aims To Help Syrian Children – 8 October 2014

Images from twitter (@stephenfry, @Jemima_Khan, @Nigella_Lawson)Images from twitter (@stephenfry, @Jemima_Khan, @Nigella_Lawson)

It seems the summer has melted the Ice Bucket Challenge from social media, and replaced it with a new viral charity effort, spearheaded by UK socialite and UNICEF ambassador Jemima Khan.

The #wakeupcall campaign nominates users on social media to take photographs of themselves when they wake up, and post it on their pages, before nominating others to do the same.
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Jon Rappoport – Martial Law Shakes Hands With The US Vaccine Program – 8 October 2014

jon7I wrote this one in 2012. The relevance to the “current Ebola crisis” should be obvious, especially since it seems that every pharmaceutical company now working overtime on Ebola drugs and vaccines is receiving funding from the Pentagon.

Who knew the Pentagon had muscled into the US vaccine program?

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has been doing research on vaccine production. They’ve found a way to produce flu vaccines a lot faster than Big Pharma. Continue reading

Connecticut Declares Preemptive Ebola Health Emergency, Allows Quarantines – 8 October 2014

RT logoConnecticut’s governor declared a public health emergency in the Nutmeg State. The precautionary order, signed by Gov. Dannel Malloy, allows public health officials to coordinate a targeted quarantine in case Ebola arrives in the state.

The Democratic governor’sorder ‒ which is not in reaction to any specific case of the virus ‒ gives Department of Public Health Commissioner Jewel Mullen the power to quarantine any person or group who may be exposed to or infected with Ebola.

“We are taking this action today to ensure that we are prepared, in advance, to deal with any identified cases in which someone has been exposed to the virus or, worst case, infected,” Malloy said in a statement.
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EU Scraps ‘Dirty Oil’ Label For Canada Tar Sands Crude – 8 October 2014

RT logoThe European Commission has proposed a directive that abandons obligatory labeling of tar sands oil as highly polluting, opening way for Canada’s sands crude imports and drawing criticism for putting oil producers’ interests above the environment.

In light of recent economic tensions with Russia and the EU’s energy dependence on its eastern neighbor, the European Commission has published a proposal, the text of which removes one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of Alberta exporting its oil sands crude to Europe. The reviseddraftstill has to be approved by EU member-states before being passed on to the European Parliament.

“The commission is today (Tuesday) giving this another push, to try and ensure that in the future, there will be a methodology and thus an incentive to choose less polluting fuels over more polluting ones like, for example, oil sands,” EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard said in a statement.

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Sheldan Nidle – Update For The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation – 8 October 2014

SheldanNidle6 Men, 13 Tzotz, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We arrive! Our earthly associates continue to make progress to prepare for the dispersal of funds. These funds are to be given only to encourage a global prosperity as well as the end to poverty and all want in this reality. It is agreed by us and our various associates that the old ways of hoarding money and denying the masses their due can no longer be tolerated. Those in the various elements of the dark cabal are to be divested of their ill-gotten wealth. Further, governance, long the realm of these scalawags, needs a complete house cleaning. Those who serve in government have long been beholden to these fiscal rascals. Hence, a broad coalition between them made banks and investment houses largely exempt from the degree of full retribution they truly deserved. This is to change now, as new rules for financial discourse are to end this illegitimate behavior. Arrests are to punctuate this and set the stage for a fresh way of conducting these affairs. This is to usher in a new age of transparency, fairness and worldwide prosperity. This is just the beginning for what is planned! Continue reading

Patricia Cota-Robles – A Shift Into Christ Consciousness – 8 October 2014

patriciacotaroblesThis is a monumental moment on our beloved Planet Earth, and each and every one of us has been preparing for lifetimes to fulfill our individual, and very unique, facets of the unprecedented Divine Plan that is unfolding daily and hourly during this Cosmic Moment. In September 2014, we experienced miraculous influxes of Light that have changed the course of history for ALL Life on this Planet. Now you and I are being called to a higher service than we have ever rendered to any part of Life. Continue reading