Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Creating – 9 October 2014

JamyePrice2012closeupBlessed Being, you are at a time of great creative power as humanity begins the collective realization of their true beingness. You are learning that you are unique and sovereign, and to deny or suppress that results in less flow. You are learning that you are united with All Life, all aspects of Life. You are finding that unity within the paradox of duality, as you merge the self with all parts that you have cast into shadow, cast into the dungeon of self, cast into the cell of shame. You are brave indeed, for you must find that sovereignty and that unity within the self, within all experience. No book can give you the definitive steps, only reminders of the brilliance within you to discover.

Your biology is a mechanism of Life, it has consciousness within it, it lives the paradox of self and others, need and fulfillment continually. At times it struggles to communicate to you, and yet always it surrenders to your choice, for all aspects of Life are engines of continuance, and choice is your vehicle of movement. You make choice in every moment, though most moments are subtle. Observe your thoughts. You are choosing to focus your thoughts in every moment. Are you choosing thoughts that support what you are wanting to create? Are you choosing thoughts that support your sovereignty and your unity with All Life, the continuance of Life, the expansion of Life? The power to choose your internal focus is your first step to Creating.

As you focus your brilliant mind, you are tasked to open your powerful heart. Are your thoughts distressing? Open your heart to the Love of Life, for it is supporting your flourishing. Life wants to expand, and you are a vehicle of expansion in form. Your heart connects you to vast information and power. It amplifies the unity to support your sovereignty. As you focus your mind and open your heart, you simultaneously open your mind to new information. It is the dual mechanism of directing your focus and allowing new information to flow. This is creation. Direction and allowing. It is form and free will. Choose to live it fully and powerfully.

As we sit to Blast Creating, we are boldly choosing to open our hearts in the most powerful of storms as we Light safe shores with empowered Love. We are freeing our minds to find hope in all lost souls, for we know the power of Divinity hidden within each challenge. We are fueling our own lives with the power of choice, creating the new earth with sovereign focus as we remember the forgotten unity. We are directing our focus to the engine of duality merging into wholeness as we unite within and interact with Life. Blast on!

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