Lisa Gawlas – Our Emerging Positions And Enhanced Bodies Within The New Earth – 9 October 2014

lisagawlas2What an interesting day yesterday was, on all levels.  I woke up as spacey as can be, kinda like there was much more space around every thought and pulling two thoughts together was close to impossible.  I knew getting a sharing out was just not going to happen and decided we must need more information form the field of readings.  Well, that didn’t turn out like I expected either!!  Not by a long shot!

My first lovely lady on the field, first, I could only see my floor, which usually means I am down and not seeing for the day.  But I am like that pesky person who keep trying to throw the light switch on, even when the lights repeatedly stay off.  Persistence!!  If you could see me when i actually do a reading, I literally put my chest on my lap, my face parallel to the floor so that my “antenna” is aligned with my back door and usually, the moment I hit that position, the visuals appear outside in my back yard.  I cranked myself up and down, up and down and finally, I had something that looked like a split screen.  I could see my floor, but I could also see what looked like the deepest night sky with this growing, pulsating thing emerging from it.  My first thought was it looked like a piece of lava from inside a lava lamp, but it was growing, enlarging.  The color spectrum was a vibrant blue with white lines running thru it, pulsing.

In all my years of reading, I am either down, or on, I don’t have a split screen confusing me.  When my lady asked questions, save the spaciness that was growing in my head, I could feel the energy of her questions and even some reply from her team.  What the hell.  This must be what it is like when you are caught between off and on.  We rescheduled.

My next lady, same thing, only now this lava thing is bigger, brighter, even more alive.  What the hell??  I could feel the spatial area between my words, my thoughts, growing.  I was doing my best to not sound incoherent as I watched the lava-ness of the field expand.  I suppose our teams didn’t care for me calling this energy lava so they spit out a word, one word: Nebula.  OK, this is not lava is it is akin to a nebula, not that I really knew what a nebula was.  We rescheduled.

I took to google and looked up nebula.  Suddenly there was an image that looked very much like how the field was presenting itself thru each connection:

link to picture

When I connected to my third reading, I was astonished that the field looked exactly the same.  Never before has this happened.  Anytime you show up, you add your own energy, your own light to the field and it changes some, if not all the details of what and how I see.  Not yesterday tho.  Thru every person this nebula was constant and growing and the energy moving thru it intensifying.  With each connection, my brain was getting spacier and spacier.  If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn I just smoked two joints in a row, I was feeling quite stoned.

My third person of the day lives in NYC and he mentioned that the subway system was down, they were having electrical problems.  The moment he said that, I could see, feel and even understand the rise of the energy from the heart of gaia, rising upwards, new pure energy playing havoc as it goes thru the old energy, tweaking it.

I wrote to my next two people on my schedule to let them know this is not a personal information day, instead, we have a growing nebula in the field!!  I put the above image on facebook along with what I understood, which was pretty much nothing, about the day of readings.  The collusion that took place on that tread, with the amazing Beings that share their hearts of understandings and excitement, just rocks my world let me tell ya.

I looked up what a nebula was.  Instantly I realized what was happening.  First let me give you this snippet from this website:  A nebula is an interstellar cloud in outer space that is made up of dust, hydrogen and helium gas, and plasma. It is formed when portions of the interstellar medium collapse and clump together due to the gravitational attraction of the particles that comprise them.

I just wrote about the feeling that the gravitational pull was upside down… moving towards the moon area instead of down to earth area.  Light bulb one went on.  I did a reading the day prior with a wonderful lady who was visiting family and I could see her family as wisps of energy, their true soul energy.  This image was brought back and placed as part of the nebula.  And again, thru the evolving conversation on facebook, the floodgate of understanding opened.

This nebula that I am seeing is US.  It is our pure essence forming the newest, highest collective soul consciousness within earths atmosphere.  With the release of the eclipse, the gravitational pull came from the center of gaia, the pure heart of the spirit that holds earths history and future, up into the new creation of Her, of Us.  I could see the electrical pulses move up thru the earth, up thru the sky, embed in the nebula and the magnetic field of energy that was within this nebula started to activate, concentrate maybe.  The pull towards each other, for those aligned in this field, is going to be overwhelming on all levels, at least until we adjust to the vibrancy and frequency of being in body and in soul with each other.

I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to take a bath/meditation.  I got in and holy flipping cow, the rest of the story was revealed.

As I lay there, I could feel the presence of this nebula everywhere, it took up my entire inner viewing field.  Suddenly, this Being appeared from the center of this nebula holding what I kept feeling was “Merlin’s wand.”  It looked something like this:

link to picture

The light energy coming thru the bulby part of this wand found direct contact with my forehead, with it came an opening of what I guess I will say looked like a portal behind this Being blasting my head open.  For a change, spirit was not being illusive about what was happening, instead, it was quite clear and concise.  The Being playing merlins magic in my head was one of the Guardians that have been present on earth for forever.  The Keepers of Shambhala.  The pure loving energy of source, held and guarded these unseen Beings until we hit the evolutional frequency when this sacred energy can be left loose, used here on earth.

Behind him, a series of Beings appeared.  They called themselves “The Council of Elders.”    I had to ask, my council of elders???  Nope, not really.  They are the council that have been a part of earths entire history, never incarnated on this side of the veil, unlike the Guardians who once were incarnate Beings, in bodys nothing like ours presently… They work in tandem with the guardians with the purpose of what I can only call the creation, the energy release that will become what we think of as Heaven on earth.  They even said they are making their presence known to us now only because we have reached our destiny and they will now have a more interactive hand in the unfolding/expansion.

Together, they (the guardians and the council) are working in the deep quantum field of existence.

Then!!  Phew baby, they enlarged the imagery I was seeing to this amazing nebula itself.  I could feel the presence of each of you in it, the electrical lines of energy charging up your new body, the magnetic field, firing energy like nothing I have ever felt before.  Very much like being in an accordion, super concentrated pulses of energy.  In Between most people was an ET, an incarnate Being from other planets, other worlds, other solar systems.  There is going to be a relay of information, of wisdom, of technology like we have never seen before.  (No wonder why the ET’s started to invade the readings since March, holy shit batman!!)

Then they gave me a strange clue of what my new role is in this expanding place I call new earth.  A map maker!!  It was the strangest thing, there you all are, energy forms with ET’s and my view became out in the distance, then suddenly a brilliant blue light lit up on the lower left side of the nebula and that is when these Beings said, I am connecting Lights with Lights.  Huh??

Thru all this, I did ask about the crazy spaciness of my mind.  As Merlin the Guardian kept pulsing my brain with crazy light, they explained that our opioid and thc receptors have much more use and value than we even come close to understanding in our physical world.  For those who have not burned out their receptors, when the energy becomes this intense, it purposely activates these centers in our brain, both for the pleasure aspect, but also, to reduce the electrical pulses that are happening thru this transition (in feeling and awareness, not purpose.)  They had even said that the myelin sheathing around the synopsis is going thru an overhaul as well.  This will allow the higher frequencies to travel more efficiently, as well as couple the action needed within the relay of impulses.  And so much more than that… I simply don’t understand it all.

I also became very aware that the currents of “merlin” they were blasting within me, came directly from the central sun.  The “magician” and the sun are same source energy.  Well, I am not going to make a very good “map maker” (whatever the hell that is) without earth.  So they put this red, bulby thingie in my ummmm…. virginia right at the cervical opening and phew baby, they gave me a little test drive of the activation of this thingie… geez… I think I am going to be walking around crossed legged when we come into contact with each other.

This is going to get very very interesting for sure!!  On that note, my day is about to begin!!

I love you all so very very much!!  Thank you for just Being you and brave enough for being Here, NOW!!

((((((HUGZ)))))) of wild adventures to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article


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