White House Accused Of Covering-Up Colombian Prostitution Scandal – 9 October 2014

RT logoThe scandal that has plagued the United States Secret Service in recent weeks and led to the resignation of its director has widened yet again, this time with the White House being accused of covering up details about a 2012 incident in Colombia.

On the heels of a series of reports that have already proved to be damaging to the reputation of the president’s security detail, the Washington Post said on Wednesday that senior White House aides knew at the time about a prostitution scandal during a South American trip two years ago that led to disciplinary action against nearly two dozen officials from the Secret Service and US military.

Carol Leonnig, the Post journalist that has broken several stories concerning ineptitude within the Secret Service as of late, reported with David Nakamura on Wednesday that the White House was aware that a prostitute stayed with an advance-team member staying in Colombia ahead of US President Barack Obama’s arrival for a summit there, contrary to the administration’s official claims at the time.

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