Steve Lendman – Dueling Ideologies: America v. Russia and Venezuela – 10 October 2014

StevelendmanThese countries are geopolitical opposites. America represents rogue governance. Permanent war is official policy.
Russia and Venezuela prioritize world peace and stability. Responsible governance. Respect for sovereign independence. Rule of law inviolability.
On October 8, Obama addressed top Pentagon commanders. He usually does it in White House surroundings.
“(N)ow was a good time for me to come over to the Pentagon,” he said. “(T)o hear from our top military about the work that they’re doing.”

It’s no mystery what they’re up to. Ravaging one country after another. Directly and indirectly.
Waging war on humanity. Committing high crimes against peace. Obama didn’t explain.
His agenda prioritizes mass slaughter and destruction. It’s been ongoing throughout his tenure. It’s more intense now than earlier.
There’s “so much turbulence in the world,” he said. He bears full responsibility for most of it. He called America’s military “the finest in the history of the world.”
Its most effective/efficient killing machine. Its most ruthless. Its most lawless. Its most guilty of waste, fraud and abuse.
Obama thanked them for “service.” For “leadership.” Others “under their command.” On behalf “of the American people.”
They’re killers. Rampagers. Marauders. Pillagers. Obama didn’t explain. He ludicrously called wars of aggression “necessary for the long-term prosperity in the” Middle East.
Post-9/11, he and George Bush waged war against it. Made it unfit to live in. Exploited its resources. Terrorized its people. Murdered them in cold blood.
Plundered regional countries for profit and dominance. Destroyed them systematically. Created dystopian harshness. Did it lawlessly. Unapologetically.
“We had a chance to talk about the fight against Ebola,” Obama said. He omitted explaining biological warfare.
Putting US forces in harm’s way. Using them as guinea pigs. Helping Big Pharma make huge profits.
Creating a new weapon of mass destruction. Using it perhaps for mass murder.
Don’t expect Obama to explain. He lied saying “we’re not going to compromise the health and safety of our armed services.”
He does every time he puts them in harm’s way. Each time he wages war. Whenever he seeks more conquest.
He’s “mobiliz(ing) Europe around (nonexistent) Russian aggression in Ukraine and against some of its neighbors,” he claimed.
He reviewed his Asia pivot strategy. He ludicrously claimed America is “very much welcomed as a Pacific power in the region.”
Its presence “ensures freedom of navigation,” he said. Assuring “international law is observed…”
Truth is polar opposite. America makes more enemies than friends. Wherever it shows up, mass slaughter and destruction follow.
Assuring international law is observed is pure fantasy. No nation in world history violates it more egregiously than America.
He concluded thanking “everybody around this table,” he said. They comprise a rogue’s gallery of imperial lawlessness. Obama didn’t explain.
“This is the first time that my colleage (came) to Moscow in (this) capacity,” he said. Talks between them “took place in a traditional atmosphere of mutual trust and friendship.”
Both nations they represent respect sovereign rights of all others. US policy is polar opposite.
Venezuela is one of Russia’s main Latin American strategic partners, Lavrov said.
“We are bound by relations of real solidarity and cooperation, mutual understanding and readiness to coordinate our approaches to international issues.”
“Today we have reaffirmed our commitment to these principles, which became the foundation of our cooperation during the presidency of Hugo Chavez.”
Nicolas Maduro carries his torch. Chavez called him Venezuela’s most capable administrator and politician. His leadership is greatly valued.
Ramirez represents Bolivarian fairness. It’s polar opposite conquest and plunder. It champions social justice. It wages peace, not war.
Lavrov affirmed Russia’s support for relations based on “solidarity and cooperation, mutual understanding and readiness to coordinate our approaches to international issues.”
“Today we have reaffirmed our commitment to these principles, which became the foundation of our cooperation during the presidency of Hugo Chavez,” he said.
“We’ll continue enhancing our cooperation and carrying our practical joint projects.”
“We exchanged opinions on the events in Ukraine. We are both convinced in the need to stop any violations of the ceasefire agreement as soon as possible, carry out commitments on the sides’ separation and, most importantly, to launch inclusive political dialogue.”
It “should be aimed at achieving agreements that would reflect the interests of all regions and political forces in Ukraine.”
Lavrov was pleased with how talks with Ramirez went. He’s “convinced” they’ll facilitate continued good relations.
He was asked about outside interference in the affairs of sovereign states. With the aim of ousting their legitimate governments.
He responded unequivocally saying:
“We perceive extremely negatively attempts to replace governments in sovereign states through outside interference.”
“This applies to Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China and any other state, including EU countries.”
“Attempts to interfere in internal affairs and to use some instruments to fuel tensions are illegal and contrary to the commitments of states under international law.”
For emphasis, he repeated the gist of what he said. He pledged to work with world community leaders “urg(ing) their renunciation for good.”
This and related issues were discussed at the 69th General Assembly meeting in New York.
Lavrov discussed efforts to prevent coups from becoming common ways to usurp power. He stressed promoting democratic principles.
He was asked about shaky Ukrainian ceasefire conditions. East/West confrontation and Islamic extremists potentially threatening Russia.
He stressed September 5 Minsk protocol terms. Followed by the September 19 Minsk memorandum.
The latter includes ways for armistice stability. He sees positive and negative factors interplaying. No one expected strictly observed ceasefire, he said.
It doesn’t happen in any conflict, he explained. Contacts with both sides aim to prevent incidents reoccurring. Lavrov works tirelessly for peace and stability.
He urges normalization as soon as possible. It’s in everyone’s interest to see Ukrainian peace restored. And the beginning of a month’s earlier promised process.
Involving all regional countries. To “achieve national accord through national reconciliation,” Lavrov said. Russia is fully committed.
It wants all Ukrainians protected. Their rights secure. “This is what we want,” Lavrov stressed.
“Sanctions are the matter of our Western colleagues, countries that decided to use this illegal instrument for venting anger. This is their problem. We didn’t choose this road.”
As for Islamic State or other terrorist threats, Russia consistently urges world unity against them. Some steps were made. Much more needs to be done.
Western double standards sometimes sabotage good faith efforts. They refuse “to denounce overt manifestations of terrorism in Syria.”
They wrongfully blame Assad for ongoing conflict. For killings, destruction and atrocities he’s trying to prevent.
For remaining in power. No matter that Syrians overwhelmingly support him. He vowed to step down otherwise.
Syrians want no one else leading them. He obliges them by remaining president.
He’s unfairly bashed for doing the right thing. He’s shamelessly accused of fostering terrorism by staying.
“This reasoning runs directly counter to the previously asserted principles that acts of terror cannot be justified by anything, no matter where and by whom they are committed,” said Lavrov.
Nations worldwide face dealing with “international terrorism and drug trafficking. It is essential to counter these problems because they are taking a toll on thousands of lives in our countries and helping to fund the terrorism that we are combatting.”
Numerous major issues need to be confronted and resolved. Mutual cooperation is essential to do so, Lavrov stressed.
Russia goes all-out for it consistently. “It seems that some people in the West are ready to sacrifice the solution of these common international problems just to show their discontent with Russia’s conduct,” Lavrov said.
“It is impermissible to let fury make one blind to reality and to sacrifice the vital and fundamental interests of all humankind. I hope that common sense will prevail. We are patient.”
“We are confident that restoring cooperation channels is in our common interests and will be ready for this as soon as our Western partners understand.”
He was asked about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan calling airstrikes on IS ineffective, wanting boots on the ground, and no-fly zone established over Syria.
He responded saying actions undertaken should fully conform to international law. “(A)bove all, with the consent of the legitimate authorities of the states on whose territories…terrorist” threats exist.
“It is certainly unacceptable to use antiterrorism slogans in attempting to undertake regime changes. I hope that nobody is talking about this.”
He knows it’s Washington’s key aim. Dominating regional governance altogether. Eliminating independent states.
Partnering with Israel doing so. With despotic Arab states. With rogue NATO members. Threatening to embroil the entire region in conflict.
All Eurasia and beyond. At the same time, risking the unthinkable. On October 10, Nobel Committee members will announce their annual Peace Prize winner.
They represent wealth, power and privilege. They deplore peace. They support war. Obama is Exhibit A.
Vladmir Putin and Lavrov work tirelessly for peace and stability. They deserve universal Peace Prize recognition.
Warriors nearly always win. Anything different this year will surprise.
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