Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Channeling Your Higher Self And Earning Money From Creativity – Part 2/2 – 10 October 2014

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Concluded from Part 1

Question #2: Earning Money from Creativity

“I gave it all to make this music album, and I gave it away to the world for free, simply opening a space for donations. Since I believe a reality of freedom and abundance is possible, I refused to put it out there from a scarcity paradigm like ‘having to pay before listening’… But it seemed not to work… Or at least not yet.

“People aren’t even listening to it and if they do mostly all of them don’t seem to value it, or get it. Am I deceiving myself, not valuing my own work by giving it away openly for free? Or am I doing the right thing and this kind of exchange will succeed, eventually in the future?”

From our perspective, there isn’t necessarily anything ‘wrong’ with using your creativity to make a living.

It’d be different if you wanted to use any potential money you could make from your creativity for vain, materialistic or indulgent pursuits, but on your planet, everyone needs to survive by collecting the paper that humans have attached so much of their energy and expectation to.

In order to understand what we attempt to convey, you’ll have to see that in the higher realms, morality and polarity as you see them are different. We recognize, as many on your world have, that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ as you experience and define it.

Polarity is an illusion that’s kept in place by an unaware humanity, and in the place of polarity and morality, we want you to understand that the consequences you experience for your actions are more important. If you do something you term ‘wrong’ or even ‘right’, stop and examine the consequences of it.

They’re more important than anything else, and more seekers are realizing this as they transcend their perception of ‘right and ‘wrong’ and simply live their lives, doing the things that resonate with them and letting others feel however they desire.

There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with making money from your creativity – again, as long as you choose not to be indulgent with the money you earn, and even if you do, it’d be your choice and the consequences would naturally be yours to reap.

The only potentially negative consequence you could experience by selling your creativity is that others could condemn you for it, but they’d also be lost in their perceptions of right and wrong. They too would eventually realize that consequences are far more important than your human labels and judgments.

Plenty of awakened souls on your planet are able to spiritually thrive from the connections they’ve made, and they’re also able to physically thrive by selling their creative works for others on your planet who resonate with such works to support them with.

If you’re truly genuine in your intent to help humanity, and we know that you are, the money you make from any sales of your creativity would be used in a just and honest manner.

It wouldn’t be used to provide you a lavish lifestyle that most people on your planet are unable to attain – it’d be used to pay your bills, keep food on the table, and provide your family with gifts on your various holidays. There’s nothing wrong with any of this, and we want you to know that your creativity’s valuable enough to be purchased.

We’d recommend offering free and paid options for your music or anything else you do, and as long as you offer some of your material without charging money, you could gain a dedicated fan base of people who are willing to support you because they recognize the value in your art.

All art is valuable, and even those who don’t charge money for their creativity are still worthy of the exact amount of ‘riches’ it could potentially earn them.

Most souls who choose not to charge for their work will experience a bounty of inner riches when their earthly experience is over, but those who do will still experience a similar degree of inner riches – again, as long as they’re genuine and honest in selling their work.

Money’s a very interesting thing to us, because some of the unawakened portions of your society see it as a god, whereas the awakened portions almost see it as a stigma; a taboo that shouldn’t be earned from creativity.

Plenty of souls have purposely kept themselves in poor or difficult situations by refusing to charge openly for their creativity – creativity they could make a decent living off of if they let themselves – and while we understand the moral reasons behind this, it doesn’t seem like the greatest choice from our perspective.

Charging for every bit of creative work one produces doesn’t seem like the greatest way to go either, and we’ll always encourage seekers who are required to earn a living to offer a wealth of free creative work with the option for those who really enjoy their work and want to support them to purchase specific work that’s set aside for the purpose of earning a living.

Money has Helped Good Souls Thrive

All of the conscious community will see in due time that making money from your creativity isn’t necessarily the boogeyman it’s been made out to be, and money might be the ‘root of all evil’ on your planet, but it’s also enabled the rise of a lot of good souls – souls with love in their hearts and knowledge in their minds who’ve vastly uplifted humanity.

Many of the souls we speak of wouldn’t have been able to uplift anyone if they hadn’t experienced the necessary financial abundance their creative work earned them, and their abundance – both inner and outer – enabled them to contribute to the raising of consciousness and awareness in inexplicably pure, potent and direct ways.

We encourage you, dear reader, to embrace the idea of earning a living from your creativity.

It’s a very liberating thing, and even if you gain some naysayers along the way, you can recognize that they’re simply stuck in their own narrow and predefined views of what’s right and wrong and refuse to let their cries of corruption keep you from doing what you’re on the earth to do.

Every soul’s on the earth to use their creativity and the innate spirituality you can all rediscover and access for positive and progressive purposes, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with encouragement not to let anything keep any of you from fulfilling your mission; your reason for being on the earth.

We wholeheartedly encourage you to do whatever it takes to uplift yourselves, those around you and the conscious community as a whole, even if this means profiting from your creativity in genuine and honest ways, because you’re all intended to contribute to the planetary restoration in whatever ways work best for you.

Many of you will have trouble doing this if you’re hung up on certain moral concepts that render you unwilling to get a leg up in your difficult world, and in due time, no soul will go without the inner or outer abundance that’ll enable each of you to start making a wealth of divinely inspired changes.

Change is on the horizon for your little planet, and as always, you’ll be the ones to create it by enabling and supporting each other. You’ll uplift each other into important positions of ability and influence, and the result will be that everyone’s awake, aware and willing to do their part in creating a new world that operates very difficult from your current.

You each have a lot of work to do, and some of your work revolves around supporting others and helping them through the difficulty that comes with existing on your planet.

Continue to be strong when you could otherwise fall into previous versions of yourselves, and always keep in mind that you have the love and support of a plethora of higher-dimensional souls who watch you experience the trials of the earth with as much compassion as we can muster up.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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