Laura Bruno – Desert Blooming Department: Back Yard Garden Pools! – 12 October 2014


More food from former swimming pools. I used to live in Mesa,AZ and can vouch for the harsh climate and out of place swimming pools. This transformation is amazing. Glad to see them taking things on the road.

This isn’t the first time I’ve posted on the idea of converting water-hogging back yard pools in arid climates to tiny permacultural paradises, but this may be the best article so far on the subject. Note that like Marcin Jakubowski, this couple fall flat on their faces over and over again in their ongoing quest to discover and refine what works and what does not. The best metaphor I know for this business of allowing “failure” to inform us comes from sailing: we tack first one way, then another, in order to go in a straight line. So, with any initiative worth its salt that both holds our attention and activates our passion, we need to learn to just keep that “line” in mind as we  “correct” first one way, then another, over and over and over again.

Like Bob Dylan predicted, way back in 1962, we’re “blowin’ in…

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