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Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand Blast Corporate Elite For Attacks On Workers – 12 October 2014

Screenshot from RT videoScreenshot from RT video

In what host Max Keiser called “a transatlantic meeting of minds” Hollywood star Alec Baldwin and outspoken British comedian Russell Brand attacked the global financial system and had a crack at the US and UK governments, which don’t serve the people.

The pair who were in a semi collaborative mood discussed the ills of global capitalism and the gradual dilution of democracy and people power.

(Lucas: It can be the video is temporarily offline or an error message. I could view it though.)

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Kiev Secretly Received Data From MH17 Crash Investigators – Ukrainian Hacktivists – 12 October 2014

RT logoUkrainian CyberBerkut hacktivists claim that they have penetrated the internal network of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry and found proof that Kiev is getting secret data from MH17 crash investigators, including information which implies its involvement.

A document, posted on the website cyber-berkut.net, and allegedly downloaded from Ukraine’s Defense Ministry network, dates back to August 7 and appears to be signed by Colonel Igor Zorin, the chief of Ukraine’s air defense forces. It is a report which maintains that a fragment of a projectile found together with the debris of the crashed flight MH17 is in fact a damage agent of a 9M38 surface-to-air guided missile belonging to the mobile air defense complex Buk or Buk M1.

Photo scans allegedly depicting the fragment in question have been also posted.

The document acknowledged that a specific rectangular shape of the fragment pointed out that it could belong to a 9N314 warhead of the 9M38 anti-aircraft missile.

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