Five Ukraine War Tragedies: Questions Unanswered, Investigation Drawn Out – 14 October 2014

RT logoHuman rights groups have united in calls for Kiev to conduct forensic analyses of corpses from mass graves uncovered in E. Ukraine to learn what happened to them. But like four other tragedies, scant progress has been made in bringing the truth to light.

“We are aware of the reports about anonymous burials in Donbass, in particular as reported by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission,” Maja Kocijancic, a European Commission spokeswoman, told RT. “Clearly there needs to be an independent investigation in line with international standards which should include forensic examination. It is too early for us to speculate on exactly what has happened here or on who is responsible.”

Kiev, however, has been reluctant to join the investigation launched by the OSCE despite agreeing that a “thorough examination” should be carried out. At the same time, militia forces have reportedly accused Kiev of ignoring proposals to set up a three-sided international committee that would also involve European experts.

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