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Lockheed Announces Major Breakthrough In Nuclear Fusion – 15 October 2014

Screenshot from YouTube user LockheedMartinVideos

Screenshot from YouTube user LockheedMartinVideos

The largest military contractor in the United States is developing a nuclear fusion reactor that is small enough to fit on the back of a truck but has the ability to produce the energy required to power a warship.

Lockheed Martin said in a statement released on Wednesday this week that its secretive Skunk Works division — the unit responsible for the U-2 spy plane and F-117 stealth jet — has already applied for several patents related to the high-tech reactor it has in the works, and expects it to be deployed during the next decade if interested industry and government partners sign on to help starting soon.

“Our compact fusion concept combines several alternative magnetic confinement approaches, taking the best parts of each, and offers a 90 percent size reduction over previous concepts,” Tom McGuire, the compact fusion lead for the Skunk Works’ Revolutionary Technology Programs, said in a statement. “The smaller size will allow us to design, build and test the CFR in less than a year.”

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Shocking: Huge Rise In UK Police Use Of Tasers – 15 October 2014

RT logoThe use of Tasers by British police has continued to skyrocket, according to new figures published by the Home Office on Wednesday. However, there remains little clarity on why the weapons are increasingly used.

The figures show that the electroshock weapons, designed to stun and subdue individuals, were used 10,488 times in the past 12 months, a 13 percent rise on last year, when Tasers were employed 9,289 times.

The use of Tasers also peaked in the first six months of 2014, with the Home Office recording 826 discharges.

The data adds to fears that the weapon’s massive proliferation is not keeping pace with specialized training and supervision.

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Steve Lendman – Mass Surveillance Destroys Freedom – 15 October 2014

StevelendmanIt’s longstanding. It’s institutionalized. It’s lawless. It has nothing to do with domestic or foreign threats. Or anything related to national security.
America’s only enemies are ones it invents. It spies globally. It watches everyone. It monitors allies. It’s for control.
It’s for economic advantage. It’s to be one up on foreign competitors. It’s for information used advantageously in trade, political, and military relations.
Don’t expect Washington’s criminal class to explain. It’s bipartisan. It’s government of, by, and for special interests. Ordinary ones are ignored..

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Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul – 15 October 2014

Uploaded on 15 October 2014 by Tom Lescher Within the maelstrom of right and wrong, I offer you my hand,
As I help you and you help me, To reach the promised land.If there are walls that need to come down, peace treaties that need to be written, relationships that need to be mended, this is the time to do it. The Sun, Venus, Mercury, North Node conjunction in Libra, the sign of harmony, beckons us to overcome our need to remain solid within ourselves and hide behind our walls of self protection. As I say in the report, this does not mean it is easy or some kind of walk in the park, but almost an evolutionary challenge! You may just find out how high your walls are, how clingy you are to what you “thought” was not big deal, and just how hard it is to share. And I don’t mean sharing stuff you really don’t care about, but sharing the “gold” haha! Give it up!
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BBC Spends More Than £200,000 On Staff iPhone Training – 15 October 2014

RT logoThe BBC has reportedly spent 200,000 pounds training its staff to use iPhones, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act. Over three years, 783 employees took part in training courses costing 300 pounds per person.

It was also revealed that over the past two years the BBC has spent 2.5million pounds on state of the art technology for employees. In total, the BBC bought 4,266 iPhones, 427 iPads and 815 MacBooks between January 2012 and October 2013.

In the course of two years, the BBC bought iPhones at a rate of 200 per month.

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Cameron Backs Hong Kong Rights, China Blocks BBC Site – 15 October 2014

RT logoPrime Minister David Cameron said on Wednesday Britain should stand up for the rights of the people of Hong Kong after more than two weeks of pro-democracy protests in the former British colony.

Asked about the protests during Wednesday’s Prime Minister Questions, Cameron said, “it is important that democracy involves real choices.” The comments come as Hong Kong’s citizens take to the streets to protest against Chinese restrictions on the 2017 election of the next chief executive.

The agreement brokered when Britain handed Hong Kong back to China in 1997 included guarantees on “rights and freedoms, including those of person, of speech, of the press, of assembly, of association, of travel, of movement, and, indeed, of strike,” Cameron said.

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Sandra Walter – Utilizing tThe October 23 – 25 Trigger – 15 October 2014

SandraWalterBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,

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