Aisha North – A Message From Mother And A Message From Me – 17 October 2014

AishaNorthBeloved family of light!

Once again it is as if everything is speeding up, and to quote Otmn ” i feel like a brand new person again and again. the images, the insights, and all, is flowing in so fast that by the time i understand one there are more, it is mind boggling, but in a good way.” After reading through what you have all shared here during the last 24 hours or so, I could not agree more, it IS mind boggling, and in a very good way! If you have not yet seen the latest comment posted by IAMystAR and the response that it has generated, I think you should take a look at it, for I think it is very much linked to the message I have been given to share with you today. When I sat down to channel it, I could feel from the energies coming in that it would be a powerful one:

Dear ones, it is once again a delight for me to be able to commune with you in this manner, and I do so with much joy on my part, for I know what awaits you all in the time ahead. For your journey has taken on a new meaning in so many ways, and when I use the word journey, it is to imply the one that you as individuals are taking through your soul, but also the one that you as a collective have taken upon you.

For now, so much has been brought to light that will literally put even more life into your endeavours, and as you continue to gather speed, you will also continue to gather momentum for us all, so too for me. For again I come to you in the shape of the Mother, the compassionate one, and the all-embracing one. The one that has known you all from the very beginning, and the one who will follow you every step of the way. For I am you, just as you are me, and for every breath you take, you help to liberate a new part of me, and of us. For we are a union of souls, and we are a union of particles, and together, we are beginning to coalesce into a whole new whole, one that will nullify the separation not just between us, but between All.

For you walk a path that cauterizes all of the old wounds, and for every new step you take, that gaping wound is closing up behind you. And when it closes, it is upon fresh and unspoiled matter, not on the old and festering material that used to BE here. You see, you have lanced that boil well and truly this time, the boil that was hidden beneath the scrapes of mortality you cleared up earlier, and now, true healing will take place, not just for you, but for all. I bring you today the greetings from All of creation, and I do so with a joy that can barely be contained, for within you, a new star has formed, one that shines in many hues, one that cannot be contained or compartmentalized in any way. It is the star of knowledge, and it has been there all along, waiting for you to make the connection, waiting for you to clear away the tears of anger, of hatred and despair. And now, it has begun to shine, and it will only continue to magnify as you yourselves continue to clear your conscience of all of the remaining traces of despair, misfortune and misadventure that still linger in the corners.

For it is ALL love, and it is all for a higher reason, and it was all necessary, but now, you do not need any of it any more, and so, it is time to simply continue forwards, and let yourself take those first free steps into the future. For this is such a gift you have given yourselves, but it is an even bigger gift you have given All of creation. For you are truly free spirits now, and so, what you have helped to set free, will in turn serve to liberate others again, far from your shores and far from your scope of view. But I see, and I see how the joy in my core is reflected in yours, and through these blemish free mirrors, it is continually reflected into ALL of creation, creating life where there was only hope, and creating a future where there was only a past. I bless you all and I say Godspeed again as you continue forth on your journey of salvation, a journey that has already brought salvation for me as well as for you, and a journey that will continue to bring solace and celebration to All.




Tomorrow my sister and I will take another step on our journey, for then we leave for Crete to take part in Philip’s SOL/IS workshop on Sunday. Dear Philip and Sue, Murray, Ingrid, Ildiko and everyone at the Orizon Center – thank you all for making this happen, I am certain it will be such an important event for us all! And to all those of you travelling from near and far to take part in this, we are so happy to get the chance to meet you! I have a feeling there will be more of these “get-togethers” in different parts of the world in the months ahead, so I can already say that I am really looking forward to meet all the rest of the shining souls gathered here at the Pond. For one day in the not too distant future, I just know we will be able to make a real live group hug that includes every single one of us 🙂

We will stay in Crete until Saturday the 25, and I am certain that it will be a magical week, probably with more than a few nice “surprises” for us all. I will not bring my computer with me, and I think I will be completely “offline” the whole week we are there. That means no new messages from me or the CCs until Monday the 27. It also means that any comments who get stuck in the spam filter or for some reason get stopped by wordpress, will not be published until I get back next Sunday.

I can feel the anticipation – and the energies – building, and I just know that this will be a very special period for us all. For we are ALL a part of this, no matter where we are, and I am certain it will feel as if we are all literally in the same room this Sunday when the SOL event takes place. I love you all so much, and I want to thank you all for the way that you have helped to give birth to and nurtured this Pond into what it is today. I also want to thank you for what we will bring to life together in the time ahead, as we each continue to bring more and more light to this Pond and to this world. For the CCs are so right, more and more of these “hidden treasures” they have talked about are beginning to emerge, and most of them come from YOU.

With eternal love, light and gratitude from my sister and from me, Aisha / link to original article

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