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Child Abuse Image Database Launched In UK – 17 October 2014

RT logoThe Home Office has launched a national database of child abuse images to help police identify both the child victims of sexual abuse and the perpetrators.

The Child Abuse Image Database (CAID) was built to compile the rapidly accruing number of pictures depicting child abuse that have been seized during police raids and taken down from websites.

The central image database is intended to help police officers co-ordinate operations and resolve cases faster.

In a statement, Policing Minister Mike Penning told the BBC that CAID was “a watershed moment in this government’s drive to stamp out the despicable crime of online child sexual exploitation.”

“The outcomes will be life-changing, and in some cases life-saving. That is how important this database is.”

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Lisa Gawlas – The Pineal, The Endocrine, Immune And Circulatory Systems Are In Tremendous Change!! – 17 October 2014

lisagawlas2After being held back from seeing a damn thing since Friday, the return to the field, to YOU, did not disappoint in any way.  So I will start from yesterday and work in the ones I have not written about, it all connects and presents such a huge and fuller understanding now anywayz and you are getting so damn exciting!!!

My first lady gave us an eyeful!!  There she was, just to the right of the field (representing our near future) on the new earth, standing in the midst of the most beautiful stream of golden energy pouring down into her and around her body.  As spirit let me see thru the golden shower (giggle) and I was able to view her body and what is happening to her thru this, OMG I about had a baby.

This golden energy was pouring into her crown area, the energy that was coming down around her, she was massaging into her skin.  This golden energy represents the highest of spiritual vibration as well as an intensified magnetic field changing the inside and enhancing the outside.  I was amazed, and beyond excited to have spirit let me see how this is affecting her inside.  The first thing they showed me was her pineal gland… changing.

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Tortured Libyans Allege UK Spied On Legal Talks – 17 October 2014

RT logoLawyers for two Libyan men, rendered and tortured with alleged British complicity, have demanded the government publish secret policies detailing when the communications of lawyers and journalists may have been intercepted.

The issue emerged during a legal claim against the government by Abdel Hakim Belhaj and Sami Al-Saadi. Both men and their families were kidnapped and returned to Libya to face punishment in 2004, following years of anti-regime activity.

According to anti-torture charity Reprieve, assisting Belhaj and his wife Fatima Boudchar in their legal challenge, Belhaj was tortured both in Libya and a CIA ‘blacksite’ in Bangkok. Al-Saadi was forced to board a plane in Hong Kong with his wife and four children before facing torture in Libya.

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At Least 16 Dead In South Korea Concert Disaster – 17 October 2014

RT logoAt least 16 people have been killed at a K-pop concert south of Seoul after falling 20 meters through a concrete shaft into an underground parking area when a ventilation grate collapsed.

Some 700 fans were attending the concert by K-pop girl group 4Minute and other bands. People had crowded onto the ventilation grate to get a better view of the performance and take photographs with their phones.

“Twelve people were killed at the scene, two others died while being rushed to the hospital. Others are assumed to have passed away while receiving medical treatment,” a member of the local fire department told South Korea’s Yonhap news agency.

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Active Volcanoes Near Japan Nuclear Reactor Are Safety Threat – Panel – 17 October 2014

RT logoA Japanese volcanologist has refuted early claims that two nuclear reactors stationed near a hotbed of volcanic activity were safe, stating that it is impossible to predict an eruption accurately outside the time span of a few days.

The Sendai nuclear power plant in southern Japan could quite easily be the source of a national disaster should a cauldron eruption take place at one of the surrounding volcanoes posing an immediate threat to the site, Toshitsugu Fujii, head of a government-commissioned panel on volcanic eruption prediction told a press briefing on Friday.

“It is simply impossible to predict an eruption over the next 30 to 40 years,” Fujii said. “The level of predictability is extremely limited.” He added that prediction can happen only in the space of hours or days.

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Jon Rappoport – Ebola Vaccine Commercial – 17 October 2014

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3D-Printed Huts To Revolutionize Home Building In Poor Countries – 17 October 2014

Photo from WASProject websitePhoto from WASProject website

An Italian company believes they have come up with an idea that could improve the lives of hundreds of millions. They have developed an easily transportable printer that can build houses out of natural materials, such as mud or clay.

The technology is relatively simple, and was designed by the Italian based company, WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project), and one of its main attributes is it can be assembled in two hours.

The printer has three arms with a six-meter reach in height. So it can build houses to a much greater height than is usually the case with a mud hut. Another difference is the method of construction, which makes the dwelling much stronger. Instead of using large square blocks, small triangles are used, allowing the house to bear a much greater load.

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