Sophia Love – 2 Secrets To Losing The Judgment – 19 October 2014

SophiaLoveNewWe need to look in the mirror. Why are you afraid to love yourself? This, in truth, is your only fear. It’s always and only about you.

What’s going on is this. You are afraid that if you forgive yourself everything – THAT YOU’LL STAY THIS WAY FOREVER. Without judgment or “correction” you’ll never improve. Without stern disapproval, what will be the driving force to succeed? In your mind, acceptance of yourself without condition dooms you to the conditions you so desperately want to change.

There are two secrets to keep in mind.

  1. Attention/focus/energy of any kind is creative.Those things, the ones holding up your perfection, are like neon lights on the airport runway, screaming “Land Here!”You can’t miss them – your thoughts show up there at every opportunity.Your life right now is created with those very thoughts.

    It doesn’t matter if you preface them with “I hate this” or “I love this”, the energy will create more of “this” every time.

    The only way to get off this hamster wheel of creation is to love all of you.

    There are no shortcuts.

  2. You cannot stay this way forever.You are a creation machine, a manifesting maniac.Your fuel is every thought and your spark is each emotion.The stronger you feel any way, (positive or negative) at all about any thing at all will speed up its appearance in your life.

    Loving your new project? Get ready for more, just like it.

    Hating your last date? Get ready for more, just like it.

    Keep talking, thinking and emoting and you keep creating. It’s that clear cut.

So decide which things you want to keep, which things you want to alter, love them all and move on. Each moment offers a new opportunity. You are not the same person who began reading this post.

Your beliefs determine your expectations and they, in turn, create the life you experience.

Expect fulfillment and peace and watch your life show up that way. It must. You are the Master of your Universe and the Creator of your every moment.

Accept who you are, without reservation. With love oozing out of your pores, magic occurs. The only super power is Agape.

We are the One’s we’ve been waiting for.


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