Lisa Gawlas – The Crystalline Field Of Life: Pineal, Heart, Bubble Of Creation!! – 20 October 2014

Thank you Tania Maria for capturing what is being released thru the sun!! <3

Well holy X flairs batman!!  The X class flair the sun released in the weee hours of October 19th ripped into my lungs and tore a passage way up thru my esophagus, throat and ear on its way out, all on my right side, spiritual rev up for sure.  This body felt so bad yesterday I was a willing participant to pack my bag and head back to the other side.  Freakin-A this can be a tough ride.  This morning however, I actually feel really good.  So very different than yesterday.  Thats one huge way to know what the body is going thru is energetic, even if it feels like death itself!!  Ohhh bless all of our biology and god bless your patience and understanding with me too!!

Beyond the chaos that was my biology yesterday, I was once again being stocked by the number 5, but in triplicate 555.  I have never seen that number so often in a single day, but I also understand the entirety of change that comes with that message.  Didn’t take me out of whiney mode, but did understand it none the less.  This morning as I sat in front of my computer with my coffee, I waited a few moments to see how I really feel as I slipped further into my biology and was astonished to get a pre-view of the field.  That tubey thing I had been seeing is now a huge hexagon of crystalline energy, our new bubble of creation.  I so cannot wait to actually do readings today and get the rest of the story!!!  Kinda like this lighten the colors tho:

crystal bubble of creation

But lets back this up to a reading I did the other day, a beautiful lady (virgin if I am remembering correctly) upon the field.  The focal point was on her heart center and the changes that are taking place there.  For as long as I can remember, the heart center vibrated to the color green and that is how I seen a beautiful heart center.  Her’s, not so much.  Instead of the familiar green it was now filled with liquid crystal energy.  Even the heart center itself took on the hexagon shape, like the pineal.

A few days ago I was googling the hexagon to understand it more in our personal evolution and why our pineal (and now heart) is shaped like that.  One of the sites had a line of text that really stood out to me.  None of the connection points of a hexagon points inward to itself.  One of the reasons this resonated with me, we spent what feels like forever deep within our self, preparing, clearing, enhancing, all inward energy work.  Now, everything points outwards… sharing, giving, expanding.

Lets also talk about the crystalline energy, rarified quartz crystal to be precise.  Like apples were the first fruits of this amazing world we call earth, quartz crystals are the first crystals that formed and held conscious energy deep within the earth.  What I consider as well, the most powerful and yet most gentle crystal within the earth.  It knows the human better than the human knows the human, it really is a divine compliment to us and now, a living part of us!!

It also makes perfect sense too, why so many techniques need to change, why we need to look at our physical bodies with brand new eyes instead of yesterdays programming.  Every part of us is changing.

I still must ponder the hexagon shape, math and science are not a living part of this crazy brain, so I google.  I found a website (here) that i would like to pull a quote from:  Thousands of years ago, an ancient Roman scholar named Marcus Terrentius Varro conjectured that the hexagon is the shape that most efficiently breaks flat space up into little units – making honeycombs that hold the most amount of honey while using the least amount of wax.

How many of us have gained so much weight over the last many years and suddenly feel directly to release it now.  I personally have lost 30 pounds so far this year and continue to downsize, effortlessly.  I know it has to do with our changing energy field, and for now, thats enough for me!!  We are becoming much more efficient lol.

Equally, you think about circles, there is no interconnection with circles.  And thru this massive moment, our energy centers were in the shape of circles, connected by a shaft thru the core.  In its own way, showing separation but also, learning to play and use all the circles (within us and within each other) individually.  Now, like the honeycomb itself, the interconnection is effortless, and absolutely the way we will move forward.

Now, lets take a little closer look at the quartz crystal, I found another website (here) that really goes into details I have not seen before.  A quote from that website:

Composed of silicon and oxygen (silicon dioxide), Quartz, from the European “quarz”, is a key component in a wide array of minerals designated as “silicates.” It occurs as prismatic hexagonal crystals in compact masses and druses, as well as in dense fibrous or grainy formations without visible crystals. It is also an important mineral element in common rock such as granite, quartzite and gneiss, and in sedimentary conglomerates like sandstone. [Simmons, 317][]

For all its variety, when most people speak of “crystals”, they are usually referring to Rock Crystal (Clear Quartz), the six-sided prisms of pure light and energy known as the Perfect Jewel. In its sparkling light is contained the entire color spectrum.

In the metaphysical world, Clear Quartz crystals are the supreme gift of Mother Earth. Even the smallest is imbued with the properties of a master healer teacher. Ancients believed these stones to be alive, taking a breath once every hundred years or so, and many cultures thought them to be incarnations of the Divine.

(Just a note: underlined info by me.)

WE are now the supreme gift of mother earth and the living embodiment of the quartz energy, the master healers and teachers alive in body!!

Even last night, as I was having a massive pity party with myself (I really felt like shit) and I took out my handy dandy pendulum to have a stern talking to with AA Michael (and wanted to hear him, since I was down, the pendulum would do.)  The first thing I asked him, several times (kinda hoping the answer would change lol) was if I had leukemia, he kept saying yes… dammit.   I had to ask him, will it go into remission, he also said yes (phew.)  Several hours later, in a moment of bizarre clarity (bizarre only cuz I still felt like shit) I could see the marrow within the bones, how it produces blood cells, and how this energy is changing us right down to the very blood.  If our physical bodies are changing, and they are, then we must physically be the vessel that allows for this change.  Then things within our physical body is going to appear mutated, because we literally mutating as we breathe.  Changing as we signed up to do.  Each of us has our own thing we came in here to partake in, some are the living vessels of change, some are the living vessels of new information of that change, which is why spirit is now letting you know (most, not all yet) exactly what your part is in this new game of life.  Energy work must change, the way we see and experience our bodies must change, the way we channel, must change.  Every plant, animal, mineral, you name it, has changed and we need the ones with new eyes to bring out that invaluable information.  Each part we are playing is as important as the other.

My personal quadrant of change is the lungs thru the throat.  Others are having a lot of this energy affect their head (headaches, vertigo, etc) and yet other in their sacral plexus, etc.  There is not an element of this body that is not being changed.  But not everyone was insane on the other side of the veil (smirk) as we agreed to do our part, and so this wonderful, intense, crazy energy for some is like a beautiful new elixir of life, but even that, is to give you the added boost to do your part, whatever that is.  Example. one of the lady’s I read for the other day, her tubey thing was infused with this silver and gold energy, earth and spirit combined in what her future work will entail.  As the reading progressed, her team told her in no uncertain terms, she will be a medium, channeling crossed over loved ones, but with a bigger twist than is happening now.  Bringing in from those divine beings the information of how to get off the old earth and onto the new.  So when our task is something like that, the body does not have to be tortured (smile) so that you can focus completely on your gig!!

Ohhhhh and speaking of the body lol, another lady I read for the other day, asked about her current diagnosis of Hep C that the docs said she had in her since childhood which was now being seen.   I was actually able to pull her off the field and into my kitchen to look at her biology (something I have not been able to do for long while now) and OMG I could see her liver glowing with green (heart) energy and in the center, a beautiful blob of red (new earth) energy.  Her team (trying to talk science to this non-science girl) said the enzymes within her are changing, this is actually her gig right now and she will be ok in the long run.

So, if I can stress how much is right with everyone.  Fear not, we are the vessels of change.  There will also be a moment of clarity, a moment of wonderful opportunity for any “adverse” symptom in the body to be “treated” and released.  We tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater especially when it comes to western medicine.  Do you realize how much you are changing the very medicine by Being a part of the experience??  Think about how the crystal itself is a healer, it changes the energy particles in any give thing when used with divine focus, well, we are now THAT and changing it all!!!

This may be a very rough time to be in body, but it also is the most amazing, most exciting time to be in body too.  Ohhhh and before I forget, as I was having my little talk with AA Michael yesterday and told him how freakin scared I am of the marrow extraction coming up on Thursday the 23rd (I googled the procedure and realized, there will be pain,) and asked him if everyone on the other side of the veil could please direct their energy to block any pain, of course he said yes.  Once again, I asked him if he had a message for me, I was so surprised when he swung out “try group prayer.”  So, I hadda ask him for clarity, I said with the leukemia itself or the marrow gig, he clearly stated the marrow gig.  So, I am going to ask you, if you can go into meditation at 3pm MST on the 23rd and turn your energy into a loving novacaine system, put it into my entire pelvic bone area and just help me thru this, I will be more than grateful.  The results don’t bother me at all, the procedure to get the results… worst than the dentist!!  lol  Thank you in advance, you don’t know how much I appreciate this!!

Last but far from least, when I moved into my heaven here at the Jemez, I put a call out for rocks from you.  I received an abundance of rocks and even many crystals.  One crystal in particular is now at the forefront of my mind and is being asked to participate in the readings from here on out.  Let me show you this precious Being:


crystal 2

It is also information me that it has held this hexagonal moment in our evolution and has continually charged every rock, every crystal and seashell (smile) that arrived here with this new energy all along.  Not only back to the sender, but the very earth and sea the gifts came from.  I had no idea!!!

On that note… let the day begin!!!!

I love you all so much, thank you for the love and magic you infused into my body over night.  You are all my heros!!!


Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I would like to take a moment to celebrate and honor Delores Cannon and Dr. Emoto for their invaluable work on this side of the veil as they both transitioned recently back Home where their work will continue!!

dr moto  / link to original article


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