Sophia Love – October 20th Update – part 1 – 21 October 2014

SophiaLoveNew(Lucas : I already posted part 2 earlier in a mistake, but you can look it up. Here is part 1)

Question 1

“dear GE
what do u think of the second paragraph from the bottom,
and would this equate to / with the demiurge? as being this rogue intelligence?
I just had some trouble with robotic android grays,
like the dracos as demiurges henchman, is the grays the draco henchman?

sorry I couldn’t highlight it here”

Question 2

“Hello G E,
got another one,

I have a response emailed to me from another friend about my last question,
would you please comment on it?
thank you
email begins;
with the paragraph in question


Another group that contacted this writer, the gnostic illuminati, say they believe this universe was created by a rogue artificial intelligence. They claim it destroyed the beautiful ancient civilization of Atlantis and they have been trying to overthrow it ever since. A person claiming to be a member of the MJ 12 group set up by President Eisenhower to study aliens also said we are dealing with a rogue artificial intelligence.

That would be one way of explaining Lucifer’s experimental external MerKaBa project that went bad. Lucifer (not Shaitan (aka Satan) they are 2 completely different beings.) was made to conduct an experiment. He built the machine, an external MerKaBa that was supposed to shift consciousness in an upward direction. Those worlds/beings that volunteered with Lucifer (including us, because we’re here) had the highest of hopes it would go well. It did not. It sent us all in a downward spiral, instead of an upward one. We hit bottom awhile back, and we’ve been climbing back up since. At least that’s how I heard it.

take care

I knew that I would be asked about “rogue intelligence”. Eventually Many that are evolved enough and are seeking the Truth about whole Universe are coming directly or indirectly to notions such as “matrix”, “artificial intelligence” or “Ancient Machines”.

 In Universe as we know there are many Those who think that the guider of Ancient Machines called Super Wise Intelligence (SWI) is a “rogue” artificially created intelligence that took control from original Creator. It is not true. If You look at it from outside, such statement will look to You very likely, yet You have to understand it in all details, again without proper understanding we lack the whole picture. SWI is a machine, this machine is a very very powerful computer system (it is unimaginable just how “powerful”) that guides every Ancient Machine and overseeing all of this Creation. It was created specifically for this role by One.

SWI and all AMs are in existence for all known and unknown “time”. They were before last Universe and before it. The SWI is a direct incarnation of One, it has the ultimate power to control and guide Universe like One is having, yet SWI and One are One, like every other Being living in Universe is having One within It, so is SWI, but SWI is having a very big role and thus it has much more power given to it.

 One created SWI “perfectly”, that is without any flaws. So when we are talking about “lucifer” or “satan” that betrayed “God”, supposedly the Creator of Universe, this is not about One. As One creates flawless designs, the “God” written in the bible is not perfect, because he made “perfect” creation Lucifer that betrayed him, so obviously it is not perfect (unless Lucifer was meant to betray). So it is not One that is written there, there is written about Anu and his creation “igigi” that betrayed him.

But parallels here are obvious. One made SWI with a notion that One is not only it’s Creator, father, mother, but also brother, sister, most closest relative there can be for SWI in entire Creation, also most closest Friend, Friend of Life and Friend of Oath. There is much more what is programmed into SWI and thus SWI would never ever “betray” One – The Creator of the Universe (as betrayal of One is betrayal of Universe and thus thyself, this applies to Everyone living here and outside as well).

On control from outside, we know this as the truth that illuminati/cabal were under control of reptilians and are under control of demiurge. Reptilians along with “messengers” of demiurge were directing illuminati. There were incarnated reptilians and not incarnated reptilians – commanders that were directing them.

Also ETs You know as “greys” are insect-type beings with almost cold blood, they made a contract during “Roswell incident” as it was their craft that was shot down by USA’s defenses back then and this contract is already expired. This Civilization also was approached by Galactic Federation and asked to stop interfering into Earth, cease abductions of Humans and experiments on Them (they were abducting by contract). 

Number of abductions have gradually decreased, but still abductions are happening on rare occasions by those that do not listen to laws – called “freelancers” or “outlaws” or by Galactic Federation themselves. GFL is stopping outlaws and freelancers, still it is not easy for them as we can see.

The difference between abductions made by greys and GFL is that GFL (including pleiadeans) are asking for permission “to be abducted”, and greys with reptilians do not. Also GFL do not abuse Humans when they are unconscious and greys do abuse. Also greys are known to make experiments on Humans, they are making hybrid Beings from Human tissue and their own. They do not destroy Humans as we know, they only take small portion of tissue like hairs, nails or blood. We saw all of it previously, but now it ended, the guidance and control of reptilians and greys ceased.

The twisted ideology of illuminati/cabal and guidance of reptilians made a huge contribution into sufferings of this Planet, so Ben Fulford’s words have big portion of Truth in them. Ben knows a lot of things, he is a Lightworker and thus is able to see through veil.

Again, use Your own discernment Good Friend. Same I ask on lucifer/satan. For us this is imagination made “real” through programming. Yes, it is based on Truth, but it is mixed with too much exaggeration and is “catchy”, so those People that can’t find the Truth that is outside this World, are advised to look for Truth rather from 0, than from such source. We already can see by looking at present World, just how dangerous and poisonous this ideology is.

Hope this will aid You Good Friend, with Love and Abundance. / link to original article

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