Laura Bruno – Coping With Happiness – 22 October 2014


This post asks really important questions for individuals and for us as a society. I hear this pattern a *lot* when talking with clients about areas in which they feel stuck. Constantly bombarded with all the dangers, conspiracies, struggles, challenges and disappointments, how do we — as individuals and as a society cope with happiness? “How much happiness are you willing to take before you jeopardize it for a sense of control?” A short, yet highly insightful piece. Thanks to hocuspocus13 for the heads up, and apologies to any readers offended by a bit of profanity. IMO, well worth the read!

Originally posted on Limerence:

How much happiness can you take?  In the world of self-improvement and therapy, the focus is on defeating unhelpful thoughts, living mindfully, and creating goals.  Overcoming obstacles and facing fears is paramount in this new self-improvement age.  There is a problem though, one that I struggle with.  How do I cope with happiness?  No one tells you how to navigate your life when things are going well.  It’s simply a given that happiness shouldn’t be trigger. But it is.  Falling in love is a trigger.  Succeeding in a career is a trigger.  Losing weight is a trigger.  What the fuck is so triggering about that you ask? Nothing in life is more unpredictable than happiness.  No one tells you that love is quiet, career is not an identity, or losing weight will give you more degrading attention than emotional appreciation from other people.

The amount of unpredictability I can tolerate…

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