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Ukraine’s Multi-Billion Dollar Gas Debt: Who Pays? – 22 October 2014

RT logoUkraine plans to buy $770 million worth of gas (2 billion cubic meters) from Russia this winter to keep the heat on. The question is: who is going to pay the bill?

All three parties, Russia, the EU, and Ukraine met in Brussels on Tuesday and confirmed Kiev will pay $385 per 1,000 cubic meters of Russian supplied gas through the end of March. Before Ukraine can start purchasing gas, they need to pay off $1.45 billion in debt.

“There’s one obstacle: Ukraine failed to pay for Russian-supplied gas for seven months,” Oettinger said Tuesday. It will be difficult for Ukraine to find a benefactor, since, as Oettinger pointed out, its credit history is less than stellar. The economy is in ruin and may already need extra IMF money to stay afloat.

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‘Blood On Its Hands’: UK Govt Fails To Find Foreign Criminals – 22 October 2014

RT logoThe British government has been accused of complacency over the deportation of foreign criminals, after one in six offenders living in the UK ‘disappeared’, according to the national spending watchdog.

A report published on Wednesday by the National Audit Office showed the number of foreign criminals living in the UK had shot up by nearly 4 percent since 2006, while the number of deportations fell by 9 percent, compared to figures recorded in 2008.

The report also says around 12,500 foreign offenders currently reside in Britain, either in prison or pending deportation, with the UK spending nearly £1 billion in one year alone trying to locate them.

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Dana Mrkich – Sun Flares – 22 October 2014

Dana Colour Pic NewThe sun is flaring faster than I can keep up! The expected strong one today happened around 45 min after my last post coming in at a M9 ranking which is the next one down from an X flare. It was followed by another M class a few hours later. 

This week it has energetically felt like the Earth is a swaying ship riding some pretty mighty waves (so far 1 X class, 8 M class and some pretty high C class since Sunday). Everyone is holding onto the railings with that feeling of: “Woah, woah, here comes another one, woah another one up ahead, hold on everyone!”  Continue reading

Blackwater Guards Convicted In 2007 Baghdad Shooting – 22 October 2014

RT logoA Washington, DC jury has convicted one former Blackwater guard of murder and three more from the private military company of voluntary manslaughter in connection with infamous 2007 shooting in Baghdad that left 14 civilians dead and 17 others injured.

The jury of eight women and four men deliberated for 27 days before convicting Nicholas A. Slatten, of Sparta, Tennessee., of first-degree murder. The panel also convicted Paul A. Slough of Keller, Texas of 13 counts of manslaughter and 16 counts of attempted manslaughter; Evan S. Liberty of Rochester, New Hampshire of eight counts of manslaughter and 12 counts of attempted manslaughter; and Dustin L. Heard of Knoxville, Tenn. of six counts of manslaughter and 11 counts of attempted manslaughter, the Washington Post reported. Slough, Liberty and Heard were also convicted of using military firearms while committing a felony.

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Michael Brown Autopsy Results May Support Ferguson Cop’s Claim – 22 October 2014

RT logoA newly leaked autopsy of Michael Brown, the unarmed 18-year-old black man shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri more than two months ago, indicates a gunshot wound to the hand from close range, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

One of three conducted on Brown, the autopsy by St. Louis County medical examiner’s office found particles “consistent with products that are discharged from the barrel of a firearm” upon a microscopic examination of hand tissue. Yet, the examination found no “powder stipple,” or residue usually left by guns fired at such a close range.

The findings of the autopsy, originally released to county prosecutors and not the public, suggested to outside forensic experts – all not related to the case and interviewed by the Post-Dispatch for their analysis – that Brown’s hand was close to the weapon of the Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson, at the time of the shot.

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Entire Court In California Had To Step Down – All Judges – 22 October 2014


The legal system in the United States is becoming so corrupt, this is exactly as Edward Gibbon wrote about the collapse of the rule of law in Rome.

Edward Gibbon wrote of him: Each

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EU Needs Biometrics, Fingerprints Database To Monitor Migration – Italian Ex-FM – 22 October 2014

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EU member states need to start implementing stronger policies to ensure that “foreign fighters” and refugees remain under observation for the safety of all residents, Former Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini told RT.

RT: Open borders within the EU make it harder to control the influx of refugees from conflict zones – what can be done to improve control?

Franco Frattini: Well, the problem of the porosity of European external borders is a real one. When I was commissioner for justice and home affairs I had proposed to have a European common register, where, for example, fingerprints, biometrics – to check and control a bit better all those who enter European territory. Unfortunately, all the programs to have, for example, biometric visas and biometric controls are not yet implemented in full. That said, the problem of refugees is first of all a human being’s problem, so we cannot refuse to welcome and to accept those that are coming from conflict regions. But that said, together with refugees, we are afraid of the potential infiltrations of so-called foreign fighters.

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UK Wind Farms Outshine Nuclear Power Output – 22 October 2014

RT logoUK wind farms generated more energy than the nation’s nuclear power stations on Tuesday thanks to a huge surge in gale-force winds in the wake of Hurricane Gonzalo, the National Grid has said.

While high winds and stormy weather caused disruption to UK flights, roads and rail links, causing one death and a spate of injuries, the renewable-energy industry found at least one silver lining amid the chaos.

During a 24 hour period on October 21, wind energy was responsible for 14.2 percent of the UK’s total generated energy, whereas nuclear power created 13.2 percent.

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John Ward – New Improved Globalist Privatisation: Low In Privacy, High In State Support – 22 October 2014

LOSTIESBefore it existed, no science fiction writer would’ve dared to put globalised privatisation into a novel

Here’s a small thought with which to start the day. Am I the only one to have noticed that privatisation has resulted in a wholesale loss of privacy?

Examples would include universal surveillance cameras, remote control of one’s pc, 24/7 monitoring of every communication we make or website we visit, and social networks that lay us all bare to the world. Continue reading

Europe’s Food Experts Fooled By Pranksters Into Confusing McDonald’s With Organic Food – 22 October 2014

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The Dutch pranksters have fooled food experts and consumers and proved that even foodies can’t tell McDonald’s from real, organic food when offered some on a plate. The comments from misled ‘experts’ are hysterical.

Lifehunters, as the guys call themselves, posted a video of them visiting one of the most popular annual food expos in Europe, in the city of Houten, to serve their “top of the notch recipes” from their “high-end restaurant” that serves “organic alternatives to fastfood.”

“The problem here is that we don’t actually own a restaurant,” one of the pranksters, Sacha, says on the video.

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