Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings Q&As: The Spiritual Significance Of Hypnosis – 22 October 2014

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With all of the inexplicably pure love you now have the potential to feel, you have little reason to continuously turn to the ego or go out of your way to feed or stimulate it.

You’re spiritual beings who are just beginning to rediscover your innate spirituality and the immensely important things you’re on the earth to do, and while we understand and empathize with the fact that you’ll fall short of your potential or the expectations you’ve set for yourselves every now and then, we still encourage you to stick to the paths you’ve forged for yourselves as much and as often as you can.

You obviously aren’t on the earth to be perfect, but as many of you are learning, the more you feed the ego, the more you’ll be pulled into its universe.

An ego-filled universe is a universe of strife, difficulty and depletion, and we’re confident that you’re each ready to anchor and adopt a new way of life that transcends the wants and desires of the ego and embraces the love you can now access.

Your Choices Determine Your Experiences

You refine your perception of yourselves and the reality around you with each positive choice you make, and as many of you are also learning, your choices and decisions are very important because they determine the outcomes and circumstances you’ll experience later on.

If you can make choices that you know are in alignment with the paths you’ve set for yourselves and the higher vibration you’ve come to share with the rest of humanity, the circumstances you experience in your lives will be much more in your favor.

Flowing with your life paths is the best thing you can do with your time on earth, and to go against them is to continuously reintroduce yourselves to the aforementioned ego-filled universe, which, again, only grants unsatisfaction and unhappiness.

From our perspective and the perspective of many of you, the ego strives for stimulation. It strives to do or attain things that are perceived to stimulate its endless appetite; its endless need to be satisfied. If you try to continuously satisfy the ego, you’ll find that you’re almost always in a state of lack; a state of want; a state of depletion.

You never seem to find the exact thing that stimulates your ego in the greatest way possible, and if you do, chances are good that it’s something physically and spiritually unhealthy that causes a lot of strife and turmoil in your personal life.

Since a growing number of you recognize how destructive continuing to feed the ego truly is, you’re encouraged to embrace the love you can now feel and call on this love when you can’t seem to find or feel it in any sort of purity.

It’s here for you in increasingly pure and refined measures, and all you have to do is call on it to begin reaping its enormous benefits.

All you have to do is embrace love to feel it in any sort of purity, and if you’re willing and enthusiastic enough, this love will come rushing in for you and everyone around you to feel and benefit from. Embracing love is highly recommended, and with this said, we’ll answer the question we’ve been given today.

Question: What’s Behind Hypnosis?

“I was always wondering what is behind hypnosis and how it works. Can your higher self share some explanation with us?”

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool that can be used for a wealth of deeper purposes, such as remembering one’s past lives and even recalling the adventures one experienced before they made their way to earth.

Many people on your planet don’t understand hypnosis in a real or pure sense. They see it as a simple fringe trick that can be joked or laughed about but doesn’t have any greater meaning or relevance in your society.

This is absolutely untrue from our perspective, because hypnosis brings you into your subconscious self, where all of the thoughts, feelings, perceptions, memories, etc. experienced before your current incarnation are placed before you for you to review and understand.

Of course, when you’re under particularly deep forms of hypnosis, you aren’t physically conscious as it’s defined on your planet. You’re off exploring another realm that lays within your psyche, and most of the time, you’re learning and experiencing things that are very far outside of your physical perception.

The state you access during deep hypnosis is the same state you access when your bodies lay sleeping at night. When your bodies sleep, you’re usually off exploring a higher dimension or an etheric realm that’s close to your earth, and you can do the same when under hypnosis.

If you experience a deep form of hypnosis, you can even make contact with departed friends and relatives, but the memories of this contact usually don’t follow you back to your surface perception.

The same can be said for when you sleep at night – your consciousness explores various etheric realms, and many of you happily convene with those you once knew who’ve since come over to the other side of the veil.

You don’t solely communicate with departed friends and relatives when asleep or during deep hypnosis. If your vibration is particularly pure, you can also communicate with various guides, angels, etc. who are helping you and your planet find the light and ascend.

The purpose of hypnosis as its practiced on your planet is to bring someone into a deeper subconscious state of mind so they can perform a few different tasks, such as recalling past lives; surfacing and remembering difficult or traumatic experiences from past lives or their current life; calling forth a wealth of greater abilities such as telepathy; and doing myriad other things that, again, most people on your planet wouldn’t yet open up to.

You can practice various spiritually revolutionary things with hypnosis, and many people who’ve long practiced the skill have achieved a lot of interesting things – some of which have captured the attention of your mainstream society.

There are a lot of ‘spiritual scientists’ as we and our scribe have called them, who’ve set out to prove the deeper benefits of hypnosis and everything else you’ve just started to learn about.

We highly recommend our reader check out the work of the scientists who pioneered hypnosis, as well as other ‘spiritual scientists’ who’ve told you a lot about the deeper uses behind it. We also encourage those who are serious about the skill to practice it, but care should obviously be taken.

Proper Training is Important

When it comes to helping someone transport their consciousness into a deeper aspect of their total being, there can be a lot of difficulty and potential chaos involved if the person doing it isn’t properly trained or ready to handle what could result.

You have to have practiced this skill before you can easily bring others into a subconscious state without overwhelming them or causing anything negative to happen, and a lot of care and practice have to be taken before one can influence others in such a strong way.

Hypnosis has the potential to help a lot of people, especially people with addictions; people who’ve experienced traumatic things; people who are in need of spiritual or emotional help; there are plenty of uses for this revolutionary skill and those of you who’ve explored it with an open mind have discovered a lot of insightful things about it.

You can use hypnosis to alter your reality in more ways than one, and the various deeper purposes behind this practice will become common knowledge in a time when all of humanity’s awake and aware of spirit and the greater abilities you each possess.

This time isn’t very far off from our perspective, and the more you embrace and practice certain things like hypnosis, the closer you’ll draw it to yourselves.

An open mind must be kept concerning hypnosis or anything else you’ve been programmed to believe doesn’t hold any greater significance, and if you can respect this practice and the various other revolutionary practices you have yet to truly discover, you’ll get the most out of it.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with the everlasting reminder that love is all around and one only needs to tap into it to feel it in its greatest and purest form that can currently be attained on earth.

You can use various abilities like hypnosis to access love in a realer way than you have so far, but for the most part, love is readily available at the drop of a hat.

From a clear, sober and coherent frame of mind, you can call forth a greater and purer amount of love than you would’ve ever thought or expected, and you’re each encouraged to do this – especially those of you who are ready to feel the more intense results of your ongoing ascension.

Your ascension energies will increase in purity with every day that passes and every effort you each make to bring yourselves and the planet around you into the light, and as long as you can live in alignment while keeping in mind that you’re going to make mistakes every now and then, you’ll have little difficulty finding the flow you seek throughout your daily existence and radiating it for everyone around you to feel and benefit from.

The conscious community’s starting to influence the rest of humanity in a potent way that we couldn’t quite outline through this scribe yet, and as the months roll on, you’ll continue to see the effects your noble and diligent efforts are making on your mainstream society.

Continue to keep the faith and hold the light, and always remember to embrace love when you could otherwise feed the ego.

The ego will continue to hold you back and influence you to make decisions that clearly aren’t in your best interest, but the increasingly pure love you can now feel will help you soar in every sense. With this in mind, we think it should be pretty easy to discern which quality’s more helpful.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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