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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 959 – James Corbett Breaks The Set On The Federal Reserve – 23 October 2014

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James Corbett appears on “Breaking The Set” with Abby Martin to discuss his documentary film, “Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve.” James and Abby discuss what the Federal Reserve is, why it must be opposed, and how best to end the current system of debt servitude.

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Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings: Explore Yourselves And Your Divine Abilities – 23 October 2014

wes-annac-300x229Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

If you can stay constantly open and receptive to spirit, you’ll have little difficulty enjoying yourselves and your existence on the otherwise dense and difficult earth.

We note that many of you strive to find a higher vibration throughout your daily existence, and in the same vein, you struggle to cease feeding the seemingly endless wants and desires of the ego, which will trap you in states of neediness and dissatisfaction if you let it. Continue reading

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 958 – Financial Survival: The Psychology of Control – 23 October 2014

From Milgram and uniforms to the matrix and tortured monkeys, the psychology of control has been studied and used against free humanity for generations. But it’s not all gloom and doom; all it takes is for one person to stand up and resist for others to follow. This week on Financial Survival James and Alfred discuss the value of resistance and how to crash the pyramid.

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Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Cohabitating – 23 October 2014

JamyePrice2012closeupThe paradox of self and others is a clue to the progress of Life. You are a being of physical form. With that comes a unique perspective from your point in the fractal space/time of Life. You are separate and unique, you are valuable and precious. Words could never describe your value or the complete nature of how unconditionally you are cherished. Every aspect of you that you would deny, suppress or resist is cherished and valuable for Life. Your uniqueness adds to the wholeness of Life. Here again, the paradox and the clue to progress. Continue reading

Jon Rapppoprt – The Ebola Hoax: Questions, Answers, And The False Belief In The “One It” – 23 October 2014

jon7“The Reality Manufacturing Company doesn’t just sell ‘fake paintings’ that are easy to spot. No. They also sell images that are geared to mesh with people’s deeply held instincts and thereby produce rigid false beliefs. People are sure that if they gave up such beliefs, their world would fall apart and blow away in the wind.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Q: Among intelligent people, what’s the biggest barrier to understanding hoaxes pertaining to viruses?

A: Many people will tell you they see through the lies of consensus reality. They know all about them. But when you bring up a virus, and you say there is no reason to suspect a so-called outbreak is caused by a virus, they back away. They can’t imagine that kind of lie. They can’t conceive that such a lie is being told.

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Tom Lescher – Astrology Forecast For October 22, 2014 – 23 October 2014

Uploaded on 22 October 2014 by Tom Lescher  To consummate this relationship, I’m willing to engage, As bot a student and a teacher, That Love may have it’s way. Wow! Got caught up in that eclipse whirlwind this week! Are ya feelin it? Crazy wild and unpredictable occurances that rob us of control and expose us to the “whims” of the universe. This solar eclipse is happening as I write these words and I look forward to sharing more later as I am late for a plane…yikes! Music by Adey as in previous reports……

California Prison System Agrees To End Racial Segregation – 23 October 2014

RT logoAn agreement reached this week in California will see that prison officials are no longer allowed to segregate inmates by race in the event of lockdowns at facilities across the state.

The Los Angeles Times on Wednesday published a stipulated settlement reached between the state’s prison system and a group of inmates that should once and for all resolve a long-standing class action suit filed High Desert State Prison inmate Robert Mitchell in 2008.

According to the Times, Mitchell claimed in a 2008 filing that it was the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s policy that “when there is an incident involving any race, all inmates of that race are locked up.” The instance that spawned the suit, an inmate-on-guard attack in 2006 at High Desert, left all black detainees confined to an African American-only wing of the facility for 14 months, solely because of race, which prison officials argued was necessary to control violent prison gangs that are often ethnicity-exclusive. Once the agreement posted by the paper this week becomes official, then that will change.

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UK Hackers Face Life Imprisonment, Threat To Whistleblowers – Activists – 23 October 2014

RT logoInternet users who ‘threaten’ national security, by causing economic or environmental damage, could face a life sentence under new government plans to crack down on internet crime. Campaigners say the move will target whistleblowers.

The government proposal claims the laws are needed to deal with “catastrophic” cyber-attacks that “result in loss of life, serious illness and injury, or serious damage to national security, or a significant risk thereof.”

Proposals would update the existing Computer Misuse Act 1990, and would give judges the power to hand down harsher penalties on hackers. The laws would also incorporate internet users spying on the activities of UK businesses.

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Laura Bruno – Wake Up World – New Moon In Scorpio – The Resurrection Of Desire – 23 October 2014

laura-of-the-rocks23rd October 2014

By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

After conquering the wasted lands, the quest of the warrior again commands that we march into a world unknown – the wilderness we call our home.

We are entering Hades’ lair. Don’t be afraid! The new lunar cycle in Scorpio brings with it a powerful cosmic flush in which the process of total inner transmutation is available for us. In order for us to do so we will need to confront the inner core vibration of who we are. We have to dig deep, to the soul level. Continue reading

EU Needs Clear Criteria For Lifting Russia Sanctions – German FM – 23 October 2014

RT logoThe European Union has to come up with clear criteria for lifting sanctions against Russia, as it has to be done sooner or later, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany’s foreign minister, said.

In an interview with Die Zeit weekly, Steinmeier said that the EU hasn’t agreed yet on what prerequisites should exist to revoke restrictions imposed on Moscow over the events in Ukraine.

“Even if the moment hasn’t come to lift sanctions, we should bewilder with a question as to what should be next,” he stressed.

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