John Ward – UK Opts For Wind Strategy Just Dumped By China. Ed Miliband Tweets ‘Lovely Evening Celebrating Diwali With Hindus, Sikhs, Jains And Buddhists From Around London This Evening At The @UKLabour Diwali Reception’ – 23 October 2014

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If you ever get the feeling that barely a single Westminster policy is being done with us in mind, then congratulations, you’re sane. It’s all done in our name, of course…which is why, when it goes wrong, we always wind up paying for it.

And talking of wind, here’s yet another sign that our energy policy is all over the place. Taking the easy route out of wind power by avoiding Nimby on land, Owen Paterson dec. Minister of Defra decided to stick with offshore…this despite the fact that the upkeep costs involved in that are horrendous.

Now news reaches Sloggers’ Roost that China slashed its forecasts for offshore wind power by 60%, apparently due to “the cost and complexity of the technology”. Well, that and the fact that it doesn’t work.

The estimates mark the very first time China has missed any of its renewable energy targets. But just to remake the same point that Amsterdam Council reached twelve years ago (and we should’ve reached six years ago but the Ed Miller Band was in the way), Shi Pengfei, honorary chairman of the Chinese Wind Energy Association, said offshore is a washout because “it’s more risky and costly”.

I mention this now because the Environment Minister who took the disastrous decisions that preceded Patercake’s even more disastrous decision is now the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition. Just so you keep up on this one, this is what the Labour Party does when electing someone: it chooses the no-hoper, and then sits back to squabble about whether there is any hope or not. Over the years, they elected Callaghan, Foot, and Kinnock until they finally found a winner in Blair. There were just the two problems with that decision: he wasn’t remotely interested in reform, and he had Gordon Brown’s knife collection in his front for most of the Premiership, because Brown wanted his job.

Brown was never elected, and got the job by blackmailing Moral Tone on an issue for which there is a shortlist of three possibilities….but it was probably to do with Iraq. Then he lost (being unelectable) and so they went for a bloke who looks like a fourth former, uses the syntax of a prefect, and has his gumshield fitted upside down.

Here is a list of things that Ed wants to do to give we The People, so we can get our electoral system and government form back: Labpolice

Can’t read it? Not to worry, it’s of minor importance. Instead, let’s look at what Labour is going to keep:

* Harold Macmillan’s 1955 Election soundbite ‘One Nation’

* The principle of austerity

* Net immigration of 100,000 a year

* Process of devolving NHS treatment down from hospitals to Primary Care (GPs)

* A cap on individual welfare benefits

* Over 90% of Duncan-Smith’s reforms

* All the Gove Education reforms

* So far, all of the Grayling MoJ reforms/Acts

* Trident

* Media owners, Bankers, lawyers and The City being above the law, and a law unto themselves.

* Bombing Jihadists

* The Special Relationship

* The Neoliberal Globalist economic system

* Theresa May’s Anti-Terrorism Act

* 24/7 GCHQ power to monitor emails, phone calls, website posts and website usage history.

But heh – they’re going to introduce a minimum alcohol price, and cap the amount of salt that’s in our food. Hold me back from the barricades, Aunt Cynthia.

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