Lisa Gawlas -The Solar Eclipse and Life After It!! – 24 October 2014

lisagawlas2I have so much to catch up on with these sharings, sorry I have been flat-out the last several days.  I swear the moment I lay down to go to sleep, my body descends into hell.  While chilling with the eclipsing sun yesterday, I literally begged for mercy, for a full, uninterrupted nights sleep and by george, I got it!!  PHEWWWWW!!  The first thing I did when I opened my eyes today, was smile that refreshing, satisfying smile!!  Enough about me… lol  Ohhh and also, for those who are not on my facebook, my oncologist had a family emergency yesterday and could not do my marrow extraction, he rescheduled to Tuesday morning at 9am.

Again, I have so much to catch up on with incoming info from the readings, I already know I am going to miss a lot.  So I will start with what the eclipsing sun shared yesterday and pull what I can from the readings to create a larger picture.

For those who did not get to witness the eclipse first hand or with eclipse solar shades, let me share my view with you.  (Also, I put the shades over the camera lens to get this shot.)


What my 4X’s zoom lens could not capture on the sun is that mammoth sunspot on the lower left to center sunspot.  It is the sunspot itself I decided to center my focus.  I started to breath in its energy, exhaling my own into it, creating a unified connection.  The first thing it did, was quickly show me the intense energy it is continually releasing to us.  Of course, there is no way my camera could capture that because it is to high in the vibrational field to capture.  But in a tiny way, my camera did.  Let me show you:


If you take the energy showing in the upper left quadrant of the sun, elongate it fully around the sun within the red part of the inner halo and create its movement to earth, it is effecting, most especially, those of us who vibrate to the pure frequency coming out and has been doing this since its birth on the dark side of the sun.  Our evolution is so large, so encompassing this sunspot had to be super large and volatile. posted yesterday:  LOTS OF SOLAR FLARES: Solar activity is high. Since the week began, giant sunspot AR2192 has produced 27 C-class solar flares, 9 M-class flares, and 2 X-flares. (What do these classifications mean? Check out the Richter Scale of Solar Flares.) The most powerful eruption so far was an X1.6-category blast on Oct 22nd.

The had said, even when it is not releasing sun flares, it is still releasing energy.  It breathes like we do, in and out, in and out and every out breath releases more radiation to match our evolving frequency here on earth, and every in breathe takes us into its core.  Talk about unity!!!

Many of us are holding the space here on earth for the massive biological changes that are taking place in this life changing, DNA altering, process.  What came thru one of the readings the other day, this process will continue with energetic intensity thru (at least) every month til Dec 2015.  (Dammit.)

This actually makes some sense into one of the readings I did the other day, my beautiful lady was inside her crystalline, hexagon, bubble of creation (think, holograph for those that are not familiar with my term bubble of creation,) and her team showed us her (our) evolving energy centers.  It was really bizarre to see, their focus was on the three trunk centers, heart, solar plexus and sacral chakra.  They looked like large, round brillo pads:

energy center

Pokey metal and everything!!!  All I could think was… what the hell!!  Ohh and they were all the same color, very much like the color of this picture.   Our entire bodies have changed and are changing, we have enhanced energy systems and our job is to learn how to use them now in a brand new, exciting way.  Think about metal itself, it is a wonderful conductor, carrier of energy.  The pure powers of spirit are coming thru us and we are now wired for that direct approach on earth.  But there is also a massive interplay of energy from these three particular centers too.  Each harnessing a very pure frequency and when mingled together in various ways create very specific, and was we become more proficient, very instant results.

I am also being prompted to remind everyone, even tho we all have the same pattern of layout (energetically speaking) due to our roles in this new emerging world of pure spirit in body, our use, function and focus will be unique unto each of us at least thru the rest of this year and we become intimately familiar with the way we work now.

I am also noticing a pattern evolving too, in the works we are about to practice then bring outward to the evolving worlds around us.  There now four groups I am seeing.  One that works directly with the earth, the pure heart of Gaia, she too has dreams and desires on this new world of hers/ours and the majority can only find fruition thru the human.  The sun workers, we can call them the electricians of this new world.

I had seen a lady (yes, you Lisa F) the other day that put my entire body into an asthmatic spasm from her beautiful intensity.  She showed up with this laser circling the top of her hexagon crystalline bubble of creation, lifting the top of her hexagon and all this intense rods of energy coming into her top, filling the entire inner quadrant with rarified energy (that’s when my lungs started spazzing, tell me we are not biologically connected even thru the ethers now, I am living proof we are!!  lol)  Then I seen something that really puzzled me, at least for a few days.  Then incoming energy created the shape of the symbolic fish, only they were all pointing head downwards as they flowed into and around her:


There are so many interpretations out there for this symbol, I had to wait (get out of my head) until spirit told me their meaning of putting this into her vision.  The feminine christed energy imbued in the masculine electrical system.  I have got to wait until I connect with her again to get the rest of the story, I couldn’t hold a conversation because my entire heart center (chest area) was spazzing.  But let me tell you, I found that exciting.  I have been doing energy readings now for close 12 years and the energy would affect my head but never my body like this.  Showing, without a shadow of doubt (at least to me lol) we have moved from a soul connect to a soul in body, whole connection.  This is going to play important roles as we move forward.

I must talk about my fourth lady that same day too, she was connected at the root chakra to the heart of Gaia, literally in the heart center.  In my own body I could feel the heart beat and the electrical flow between then, once again, putting my own body into spasms.  With her, it was not as instant with my electrical lady, simply because of the buffers of the frequency of earth.  We truly need those electrical buffers or we would inadvertently blow each other up until we learned how to harness and control our new systems.

What is also coming thru, is the unique skill sets you are about to start practicing.  Things that have never been in this realm of reality before, but practiced and perfected in other worlds.  Even this hexagon bubble of creation was perfected on other planets that similarly went thru its own ascension process.  Your job is to put as much time and energy into remembering your skills as you can.  Not another soul on earth can teach you what you are here to do.  Your job is to remember it and perfect it to go with the earth realm.

With that in mind, i also see a lot of new businesses opening up 1st and 2nd quarter next year for those who did the deep inner work and outward practice of their awakening, mastered skill set.  Many of the connections started to share that it is at this time, the spiritual approach will be taken much more seriously than it has thru now, because we will be showing results beyond a shadow of a doubt and our scientist have enough advanced equipment to actually see the changes and results.  WE are at the forefront of merging spirit with science.  Energy work with medical work that WILL be taken very seriously.

I am also being quite loudly advised at this moment by my team, it is also your job to recognize a human in change/evolution within their physical body and those that need what we call healing.  If you do not take the time and the knowing of the difference, you will be held back from fully launching, just to protect those in change.  Not everything is as it seems and NOTHING is as it was!!!

So yesterday as I was having a long moment with the eclipsing sun, I asked about my own body, which feels like it got stuck in hell most of the time.  I was shown the volatile energy coming off the sun and my lungs matching its frequency.  I could not possibly do what do, if that was not the case.  No time for a slow stroll, I have to keep pace with my daily agenda, with the evolution of those showing up.  Which, I have got to smile that loving smile, my spasms really only happen when I use my heart voice (connection) to connect with you.  I talk to my son or grandson, I am fine.  YOU rock my freakin world and I am grateful, whiny sometimes, but grateful more than you realize!!

I also asked about my blood, and again, we are changing at every level of Being-ness.  Thru one of the readings as well, spirit had said it is our very blood that carries the Light thru the body.  So if our capacity of Light is changing, then the blood must change to hold that new frequency.  Our immune system and endocrine system is changing, there are humans on earth assisting that process via their physical body.  As much as the body is equipped to do this change, it often needs assistance from the outer world of medicine to ease the process for the human incarnate.  Technology has kept pace with change and we must honor all of it not just parts of it.

So, if you have been feeling like you are dying, in a grand way, YOU ARE.  Death of the old and birth of the new within the biological system we call human.  Neither very pleasant to experience (from my own point of view lol.)  It is really putting an emphasis on “only the strong survive” as well as those who have not thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

On that note, I am going to end here.  For those of you who have hit my hell week and had to reschedule, again, thank you for enduring me and my process and being so freakin kind and gentle and beyond understanding to me in the process.  I cannot tell you enough how much you are appreciated and loved and honored and everything wonderful!!

Happy Homecoming to Everyone!!  I love you all so much and celebrate every ounce of you and all you do!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of joy and celebration to ALL.  WE freakin made it!!!!

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