John Ward – UKip Has Been Tarred With Support For The Ivory Trade. It Is A Great Big Fib. – 25 October 2014

I don’t like UKip much (as you may have gathered by now) but this sort of stuff is really rather naughty:

UkipanimalsTo the best of my knowledge, UKip MEPs do not hate elephants, even when they are in the room.

Having asked around among various Brussels Sprouts, it transpires that what UKip voted against was a motion calling for the EU to take more powers and waste more money harmonising the length of sausages across Europe.

Hidden under that varietal dung heap of power-grabbing was some half-arsed clause about the ivory trade, and pledging money to stop it.

Such things are grist to the EU mill…but they also provide ammunition which can be fired at the UKippers. No doubt – being as idle as all other ‘average’ politicians – the tribe of Faisal Naraj didn’t bother to read the small print…in which case, more fool them. But this sort of grubby propaganda really won’t do.

This has been another example of Truth Smothering brought to you by Slogsleuths (2014) plc.

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