Lisa Gawlas – Igniting The Once Dormant DNA Codes Of Bright Light!! – 25 October 2014

lisagawlas2Well just holy flipping wow batman, we have gotten so damn exciting, so flipping clear like never before!!  But also, our focus equally must be like it never was before as well.  But, before I get into all that, lets talk about how the field itself has changed post eclipse.

The new earth, which, up until the eclipse has been consistently set up separate from the reading field, off to the right (slight future) and appearing as its own world, separate from what I call the reading field, my back yard.  With all of yesterdays connections, that has changed, the new earth is now everywhere I read from, but not earthy looking yet.  Still energetic, but thick and solidifying as we move forward.  We, the humans, on the other hand are still slightly to the right.  I cannot believe this just donned on me, directly in the East field, spring, new growth, new beginnings, new adventures.  I knew everyone was just to the right of my back door, but I was so busy being excited at what I see and the incredibly clarity coming thru everyone’s teams, I never once thought about the significance of placement.

Yesterday, I mentioned in my sharing about my experience with the sun, seeing this release of energy that came down to the earth.  I knew there was something significant to it showing me that, I even thought to myself, this is going to show up in the readings.  Sure enough, it did, but of course, not like I was expecting it to.

Every single one of us that made it thru the eclipse energy and onto the living earth at this moment in time is currently housed in a dome of incredible energy.  Kinda like this:

Link to picture

Only, no bottom lip and not see thru.  The dome is not opaque, but I cannot see thru it.  Running from top to bottom are various striations of vibrant, colored energy.  What spirit had said in relationship to this is “the cake is completely baked and is now being icinged.”  lol  Love their metaphors.  You ,of course, being the cake.  But the icing is not an exterior coating, I watched several times as these moving streams of energy moved inward where you are at, and tho I could not see you, I could see your many points of DNA.  To my viewing eye these points looked like little white circles about the size of a penny and these energy streams poked into the center of the circle of light and as spirit said, it is like inserting a key into a keyhole and what you are prepared for is being unlocked and released into you.  There will be several more of these ongoing unlockings as we progress forward.

We were encased in this dome the moment the eclipse hit max in our individual worlds and will remain there for three days, or til we wake up on the 26th.  At least this is a much more pleasant, easier process than what we have been thru and in the grand scheme of this, quick!!  With this process, a lot of new, never before used techniques on this realm of existence will be emerging thru you.  Your job is to expand it and USE IT here in created reality.  To my absolute amazement, spirit is being pretty damn clear on what “it” is these days.  They have been so evasive and non-committal on what grander thing you/we have come here to do, to put into play… I suppose, all things in their perfect time.  Until the earth hit this amazing frequency, all remained dormant within anywayz.  But now baby, we are being turned on like christmas lights!!!

Ohhh and before I forget again, so sorry to leave everyone hanging yesterday, the four groups I am seeing emerge.  We talked about the electricians, sun workers, I would fall into that group.  Then the ones bringing forth the dreams and desires of Gaia.  Then there are those directly working with all plant and flower life to redefine their use on this new earth, but also, to enhance change, in our own very energetic way… modify plants/seeds coming from the old earth to the new.  One example that was so clear and so flipping exciting from the readings yesterday, she will have the ability to go into the DNA of a seed (speaking specifically here to what we know as GMO seeds) and change its DNA matrix and restore it to its original vitality.

The other group I see emerging are the hands on body workers.  This group will serve those ready to leave the old earth and refine their energy fields to vibrate at the full frequency of the new earth.  Equally, there are (or will be, not sure how that works out) many who arrived here on this new earth whose energy fields are pinged out to the max, they will serve to be like a hair brush and even everything out.

To give an example of this gig, one of the precious lady’s I read for yesterday… they showed me what looked like a cut out human form, that looked very much like this:

Link to picture

The cutout that is white, is the turned on light body.  The parts that are black are simply breaks in the stream of light.  Her job is not only going to be to figure out where these breaks or disconnects are, but to illuminate them, the unseen information within them and give it to the person they are working on.  This will remove the breaks and allow the information/energy to flow freely.  Do not confuse this with illness or the need for “healing.”  It is a vibrational tweaking to the light stream within.  Think of it as electrical chords and you are fixing anything that may be shorting out within.  But it is equally crucial for you to be able to tap into the break and understand it and tell it to the person you are working on, otherwise, it is doing half the job and will need mending again.  Illumination is as crucial for you as it is for them.

All of this is going to take a lot of practice, digging deep into the once dormant memories of how to do this all with perfection and expansion.  All of this, is simply the beginning!!

I do want to talk about my first session of the day.  My goodness gracious her team was like Chatty Cathy’s for the full 30 minutes.  I have been reading for this incredible soul for a very long time and yet, her team was so intimate in my own soul.  Ha!! I just now realized/heard because many of us got a brand new team in place to guide us thru this extraordinary time on earth.  No wonder they felt so… different.  Of course, I made mention of something like that and they instantly replied that I know them, on the other side of the veil, my lady is a guide to humans incarnate right now.  Her role is going to expand to be exactly that in person and that on the other side of the veil, we know each other very well, her team, my team, each other.  Of course, many of us feel like that with each other, but now, spirit is saying it out loud!!   I find that all oh so exciting, what was once a distraction and they kept hidden is now a strength they are revealing.

I have also got to share this wonderful, in your face quote from my first lady’s team too.  It came as she was asking questions about moving I think.  “You MUST be absolutely clear and concise in your communication of desires and questions and no longer being half-ass about anything!!”

Let me really take this apart this morning and make it even clearer on how important this is.  This really is all about our communication abilities and how incredibly important they are to every thing.  Desire.  Do not bring worry, doubt, fear of not getting it into anything.  I read for a lady yesterday who already has a new home lined up but her doubt, feeling like she cannot afford what she wants, is keeping her from seeing what is in front of her.  Because the energy of fear/doubt.worry is an earth gig, it is stronger than the desire within and WILL change the frequency you are emoting.  Delaying and most times, eliminating the outcome.  BE CLEAR inside that there is no obstacles in your way.  What anything looks like right now, WILL change to serve you desires.  If for a moment you think “I can’t, I won’t, but, but, butt…” you are enacting that to be your outcome.

So truly the clarity must start in your emotional field.  KNOW.  Period.  Once you set it in motion, leave it alone.  Don’t keep going back and refining it, you refine because doubt entered.  Don’t miss opportunities because you do not think you qualify, have enough to look there… if it is showing up, everything else will show up to support it.  Trust that my beautiful masters incarnate!!

I can give you my own example.  I have been asking the universe for mercy on this body.  The intensity of what my lungs and throat have been going thru has dropped me to my knees.  Just asking for mercy… of course, they are already being merciful with me, I haven’t died yet (not for the lack of wishing for it some days.)  However, when I had my moment with the eclipse sun, only then did I get clear on what kind of mercy I need.  No coughing thru the night, no gasping for breath, no getting up to pee, I need a full nights sleep with vital energy in the morning to do my readings.  Period.  Well, I slept like a baby and was filled with piss and vinegar in the morning to the degree I was able to do 6 full readings without coughing, loosing any sort of energy and again, the clarity, sheez I loved it!!  I asked for another night just like that… and received it.

Now lets take our questions.  We ask questions, but how often are we really tuned into the answers.  Sometimes, we ask questions that are so wishy-washy there is no reply, or the reply comes back in a such a different form that doesn’t really address our core question.  I can give you a small example from my own past experience.

When I first learned to connect to everything, including Source/God, one of the first questions I asked him (yup, he uses a male voice to talk to me, so I am calling him an him even tho I know he is absolutely genderless, I surely don’t want to call him an it, l0l) was to know how the creation started.  Back there, I was still very much picking the catholic out of my debris field and I really was wanting to know how the earth and life formed, to me, that was creation.  4 years later, when my consciousness was ready to understand the reply to my question, I was shown how creation started, the colors, the emotions within the separating colors and the expansion of the universe thru all that.  It was great, but didn’t really answer what I really meant to know.  I have since redefined it and was shown what I wanted to know… but this really takes the message of be clear and concise and puts it into clarity, I hope lol.

Communication is a massive lesson I am currently engaging with, with my oncologist.  I am learning so much thru this experience and I know, is going to too.  I do not even think to tell him some of the things happening in my body and he assumes because I have not mentioned, it is not happening and documents it as so, leaving him to come to an untrue, but understandable conclusion with my health.

We can no longer able to be half-assed in anything we choose to do.  Leave no stone unturned and listen deeply for the incoming communication back to you!!

On that note… I love you all so freakin much.  I feel so blessed because you are in my world, in this amazing Life with me!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of super-duper loving clarity and expression, feel it, its intense!!

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