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Contrary to often well-disguised appearances, the ego of the Play Divine
never honors the Mirror (role-finished I AM Entities who constitute the True Universal Self of all upon the Play Stage of Theatre Earth). The ego must always be “right” in its own minds eye so long as it survives. And contrary to its occasional boast of humility, such invariably sees itself as other than, different from, and superior to all things and beings inclusive of the Natural Divine Energies that surround it in many forms.
It’s like there are two different languages, hence no constructive dialog is possible between. At best “small talk” is all there is if the Mirror finds Itself interacting therewith. When it is finally realized that the Mirror will not
support its nonsense, its sole recourse is to breathe fire upon the Mirror imputing to It its very own untruthful ugliness in its attempt to destroy It assuming to revere itself thereby.

In their extremity or the height of their self-incriminating and chaos begetting drama-plays, human egos run to teachers of dream to find comfort in place of the apparent abandonment scenario such feel they encounter from Mirror Energy. These self-styled teachers gladly take such under their wing providing them with the “hope” they seek of changing from a being of unhappy chaos to so-called “spiritual” peace. Such erroneous “guides” assure the ego that evolution from darkness to light is not only possible, but lies within their own power of choice.
Let’s have a closer look at what humans call: the power of choice.

This factor is, hands down, of the most primary interest to the little mind or human ego of the Divine Play. Why is this so? One reason alone. If there is no power of choice no one can be held responsible or accountable for their actions. And if there is no responsibility there can be no casting of blame, hence, no administration of judgment. This is a terrifying thought to the ego of dream as such is insanely bent on the imputation of fault to others, getting revenge, and gloating over the so-called guilty receiving their just reward, ie., being punished for their apparent crimes. Eliminate power or freedom of choice and the fault- finding human ego ceases to have any purpose for its supposed existence.

Furthermore, so-called karma is as much a Play Scripted event as is the apparent action that caused it. So-called human free-will and the power of choice are synonymous terms. In the Divine Play and contrary to appearances therein, there is no free will or power of choice. It’s simply made to appear that there is. It’s just like any Hollywood movie. All roles are totally pre-scripted so that even though it appears that numerous choices are being made, such is never the actual case. Every last performer is following his and her script to the finest degree and no deviation therefrom is thinkable or possible. Such are the essential mechanics of all film productions. As in earth movies so in the Glorious Movie Divine! It is as simple as that.
A Mirror entity once said:

“Judge not lest ye be judged.” (ie., the saying: what goes around comes around—is an unavoidable pre-designed factor of the Play.)
It is this I AM or allowing and unconditional loving Consciousness that apparently emerges once the contentious and provocative false-self of dream has vanished. Every earth-stage performer is responsible for but one consideration only—namely, to adhere unswervingly to its pre-designed Play Script which is an unavoidable proposition for the simple reason that no acting entity thereupon is real.

The primary line of reason extended by the earth teacher can be summed up by the well-known Shakespearian phrase:

“Be true unto thine own self, and as certain as day follows night—thou canst not be untrue to any man.”
However, the immovable fact of the Cosmic Play assures that no human ego or false-self of dream ever did or could evolve from untrue to True. Hence, the dream-ego apparently embarks upon a senseless wild goose chase by seeking council from those whose untruthful message invariably speaks what every ego desires to hear. And to boot, generally a handsome price is required for this exchange.

Teachers of dream vary and are myriad. Such may appear as: guru, priest, pastor, lord this and lord that, practitioner, prophet, shaman, astrologer, channeler, tarot and crystal reader, holy book, councilor, visible or invisible spirit guide, past-life regression session, and angels—to name just a few.

In the end, such egos are thereby plunged into a desperation darker than the blackest night. Such is the seeming folly of all so-called teacher/disciple relationships upon the Play Stage called planet earth. And yet, this is by no means contrary to the Cosmic Script for this hilarious Movie Divine. For true it is that such is the sole pathway to role-termination for every last ego of dream.

Without a doubt the Mirror knows the ingenious Way of Its fun Cosmic Play and is therefore fully aware that all ego roles are pre-designed apparent deception throughout to their unreal core. Because of this Such never attempts the conversion of the fabulous to the Genuine—the seeming lie to the Truth. I AM knows that the ego isn’t to be healed, evolved, awakened, enlightened, saved or helped in any way to be changed from unreal to Real. Instead the ego is to disintegrate like the morning mist into the nothingness from whence it apparently came. Hence only when the ego is no more does the Real—the Essence of the Mirror or True I AM Being back of such seem to appear in its stead.

But the beauty of the Play Divine is that there is no actual existence of an “offensive ego” and therefore its ending is not really possible. There is only Beautiful Perfection Absolute, and All that Is is Timelessly THAT!

What a Play! What a Movie! What a harmless and incredibly funny Cosmic Adventure!

And not only can the Mirror not be destroyed, but nothing exists to attempt such! The Mirror Alone Is! The Mirror and I AM Is One!

Hence, to the Mirror alone is the following not merely understood but happily and uninterruptedly experienced.

“Since everything is but an apparition, perfect in being what it is, having nothing to do with good or bad, acceptance or rejection, you might as well burst out laughing.” Longchenpa
The fact is: the Mirror coined not merely these very joyous words, but as well the highly amusing attitude reflected therein toward the hilarity of Its Incredible Cosmic Play.

Oh Earth Drama Divine joyous cast of God-Mind,

loving genius I AM eternally so fine.

Contrary to appearances harm comes to no one,

all Beings of the Real never had so much fun!

Such is the Way Of Our Grand Divine Play!

You may

Thanks Crys, for letting me publish your work.

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