Lisa Gawlas – The Super Enhanced Molecules Of The New World, YOU!! – 27 October 2014

lisagawlas2If what is coming thru these days is a preview of the world to come, holy cow is this world about to change and change radically.  My deepest and greatest hope, is that YOU invest the time and energy it is going to take to master your skills in this incredible world and then start teaching them outwards.  You are exactly how this world is going to change.  Not by tearing down the system already in place, but by building a new one from the center of creation and moving it outwards.  Like waves of an ocean, it pushes out the old with its internal power, constantly moving, spreading, changing.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, the Master magicians, the Supreme Alchemists, the Scribes for the animal kingdom, plant kingdom and everything else that does not have an audible voice… is HERE, NOW and it is YOU.

With my first reading yesterday, as he was getting his working orders for right now, his team said that two other groups will be presented, sure enough, by the time the day was over, two others were presented.

Our animals and birds, all critters and crawlers I am sure, are holding a brand new energy within them, meaning they have a lot of new qualities and attributes to reveal.  So this group will be bringing forward the new energies of those without an audible voice for us to hear.  Unlike the way we have configured the totem animals to date, by looking at their nature and their qualities and understanding their presence within our world, this is direct communication and going deeper than what is visibly understood.  Dr. Doolittle comes to life!!  lol

Then there is the group that will learn to harness the power, the creative energies that are between the sun and earth, what we would think of as air.  This precious lady showed up holding two snakes, one in each hand.  The snake in her right hand was long and green, the snake in her left hand was long and black.  Her team immediately said these snakes have nothing to do with personal kundalini (the first place my mind was going to, old habits lol) and said the one in her right hand is representing the Life Force that is now available between the sun and earth (where the air is lol.)  Her job and those in this group is to learn how to harness the Life Force of both sun and earth, heaven and earth, above and below (pick a way to describe it) and charge the energy, the snake of unlimited potential (the black one) into manifested reality.

We are all being given our new tasks, our new focus of skills.  Well, that’s not necessarily a true statement.  There are those of us, that are changing the biological field of the human race.  Our task is to not tap completely out lol.  This really became clear thru a connection yesterday that I could not see the field for.  She, like me, has been going thru painstaking biology changes, for her it is in her hip flexors and up her back.  Think about that, root chakra thru core energy.  It has her flat-out and as emotionally raw as I have become too.  This is all that is being asked of you/us at this time.  If they asked any more I would find a way to pop them in their spiritual face!!  Allowing the biological change to take place, because even tho it appears it is only happening to you, it is happening to every person on earth too, most will never know it nor do they need to.  I have a feeling, a lot of the “Master electricians” are going thru this right now.  Changing the current of energy within the body matrix.

It really give credence to the many times spirit had said in a reading, they cannot show you what is coming up because would choose to walk around it instead of thru it.  I can promise you, if my team told me the hell that would take place in my lungs and throat and the longevity of it (a year now) I, the Lisa part of me, would have said screw you, find someone else.  I actually do say that now, but doesn’t matter, it’s already underway.

I suppose we should be very grateful we are doing this biological change in sections thru each other.

I do want to put something out there that I really don’t fully understand but I know it is important.  Twice now in readings spirit had mentioned an increase or influx in hydrogen in our creative world.  They had also put the element Li in front of my face once.  I knew it had something to do with the periodic table, so I looked it up and it is Lithium.  I have no clue why.  But I have been dancing with spirit long enough to know, they release bits of information that seems random and puzzling and eventually the reason is revealed.  So I am putting this out there for those who may need it or get it or both.

One thing spirit has been putting in my face since I started writing this sharing today… and in truth, it is what we are all being prepared for, if we are willing.


Forget all the science, just look at the molecules themselves, the hexagons interlinking with each other.  Right now, we are being given our molecular codes (skills.)  Our job is to know our skill set intimately, passionately and whatever else lol.  AS we perfect ourselves, we will start to come together to link our skills with others, changing the matrix of what we can do, together.

They are using the example of a car.  Tires by themselves are good, but better when put on the frame of the car.  The frame of the car is good, but better when the engine is installed.  The engine is good, but better when the fuel tank is installed… and so on.  We are the bits and pieces of the new car of earth and will be the driving force of CHANGE!!

So, if you are busy saying you don’t like this or don’t like the way that works, find out what your part is and focus there.  Change starts from the center, from inside and spreads outwards.  If we try to collapse what is already in place, we simply leave a gaping hole that serves no greater good.

With that, ohhhh I hear them pushing me for another gathering at the Spring Equinox. Life is a hands on event from here on out!!

I love you all so much, please, please invest in yourSelf, in your emerging abilities and practice, practice, practice!

((((HUGZ)))) of magic and fairy dust to everyone!!

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