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Lisa Gawlas – The Super Enhanced Molecules Of The New World, YOU!! – 27 October 2014

lisagawlas2If what is coming thru these days is a preview of the world to come, holy cow is this world about to change and change radically.  My deepest and greatest hope, is that YOU invest the time and energy it is going to take to master your skills in this incredible world and then start teaching them outwards.  You are exactly how this world is going to change.  Not by tearing down the system already in place, but by building a new one from the center of creation and moving it outwards.  Like waves of an ocean, it pushes out the old with its internal power, constantly moving, spreading, changing. Continue reading

German Business Blues As Confidence Hits 6-Month Low – 27 October 2014

RT logoBusiness confidence in Germany, the EU’s largest economy, declined for a sixth consecutive month in October. The data is ominous for the eurozone on a whole, which is failing to grow, and may dip back into recession by the end of the year.

Germany’s Ifo Business Climate Index in manufacturing, which looks at the confidence of the country’s 7,000 firms, fell to 103.2 in October from 104.7 in September, the lowest result since December 2012.

“Expectations with regard to the six-month business outlook continued to cloud over. The outlook for the German economy deteriorated once again,” the President of Ifo, Hans-Werner Sinn, said.

Bad news for the German economy is bad news for the rest of Europe. At $1.5 trillion, Germany accounts for nearly 30 percent of the gross domestic product of the entire 18-member eurozone.

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Russian Central Bank To Use New $50Bn Tool To Revive Ruble – 27 October 2014

Russia’s Central Bank has launched a new financial tool known as currency repo, RT logoor repurchase agreement, that’ll provide up to $50 billion by the end of 2016. It is expected to support the Russian ruble that has lost more than 20 percent since January.

Russia’s key regulator is launching a new instrument on Monday, with the first auctions scheduled for October 29.

“These operations are aimed at further empowering credit institutions to manage their own short-term currency liquidity,” the bank said in a press release.

Put simply, the Central Bank of Russia is providing the country’s financial institutions with the much needed dollars that it will buy them back later, with interest. This is to relieve the pressure on the ruble that has been falling dramatically because of the political turmoil over Ukraine and cheapening oil.

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John Ward – Post-Eurozone Stress Test Syndrome (PESTS): An Update On The Calumny Involved – 27 October 2014

It’s enough to make a chap vote UKip.

You may have seen from this morning’s Slogpost that I’ve been having trouble with Ding Dong Bank – a French institution keen to profit from its totally manufactured ‘success’ in the EBA stress tests. This morning I was back in my local branch to ask why – with nearly €60,000 deposited in my accounts there – I’d been left with no liquidity during the weekend, and my bank card had been refused from Avignon to Zabalza. Continue reading

Israel Approves Plan To Build 1,000 Settler Homes In E. Jerusalem – 27 October 2014

RT logoThe Israeli government has approved plans to build over 1,000 new settler homes in East Jerusalem. It will expand two existing Israeli settlements on part of the territories seized in 1967.

An official in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office declined to comment on the possible political and diplomatic impact. He said on Monday that “The government has decided to advance the planning of more than 1,000 units in Jerusalem – roughly 400 in Har Homa and about 600 in Ramat Shlomo,” as cited by Reuters.

He also said that plans would be “advanced for infrastructure projects in the West Bank that will include roads for the Palestinians.”

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New Indonesian Leader: Maritime Promises & Possible Dynamics With China, US And Australia – 27 October 2014

RT logoWhile working towards greater cooperation to harness its maritime potential, nationalist “Jokowi” will also not shy away from standing up against external incursions impinging upon Indonesia’s national interests.

As the 53-year old heavy metal fan, President Joko Widodo, popularly known as “Jokowi,” becomes the first person outside the Indonesian military and political elite to assume the presidency, the massive challenge of turning around the country’s decelerating economy awaits the populist leader – an ex furniture businessman who was raised in a riverside slum.

From a GDP growth of 6 percent in 2013, Indonesia took a step back to around 5.1 percent growth this year, with many attributing the unstinting fuel subsidy that costs the national budget an enormous sum annually as the main reason for the escalating fiscal deficit.

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John Ward – Eurozone Stress Test Analysis – How To Pass, And Then Make Money Out Of It – 27 October 2014

credagpic“Hey presto….. your money….. has disapp


American financial journalist Ellen Brown has a new essay out about the madness of banking. It’s not new news, but it is written in a very accessible style, and devoid of chest-prodding. Continue reading

Going WithThe Flow? Lava From Hawaiian Volcano Threatens Village – 27 October 2014

RT logoResidents of a Hawaiian town are set to have to flee as lava, traveling at three meters an hour, nears their homes. The closest dwelling to the lava flow is less than 100 meters away, with 50 to 60 buildings in its immediate path.

The people of the town of Pahoa have been well aware of the Mt. Kilauea volcano for decades, as it has been erupting since 1983. However, the vast majority of the lava went south and straight out into the ocean. In June a new vent opened, which put the lava flow on a collision course with the settlemen

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25 EU Banks Fail ‘Stress Test’, Exposing $31Bn Shortfall – 27 October 2014

RT logoNearly one in five leading European banks have failed the stress test conducted by the European Central Bank, which revealed a $31.2 billion (€24.6 billion) capital gap in 25 banks showing they’re not ready to withstand a three-year recession.

The results of the EU-wide stress test were reported on Sunday by the European Banking Authority (EAB) and the European Central Bank (ECB).

With nine banks failing the test, Italy represented more than €10 billion of the capital shortfall. Other balance sheets that weren’t up to snuff were three banks in Greece, three in Cyprus, two in Slovenia, two in Belgium, and one each in Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – I Am Shekinah – 27 October 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA come on the winds of time to allow you entrance into knowledge that goes beyond self and memory.  Within what is known and unknown as the Holy Spirit, there are many dimensional descriptions.  There are many doorways, and inter-dimensional truths.  There is a great-pronounced diversification that lives within the house and dwelling of Holy Spirit.  Each of you holds within you the personal breath of God; I come on this day to breathe that memory into you.  You each live within the out-breath of God.   God breathed you into existence and the flesh that you are now.  With The first breath that a baby takes, the Holy Spirit enters the child in fullness.  The Holy Spirit does not dwell within the fetus during gestation. Continue reading