Qatari Intelligence Chief Spurns ISIS Funding Allegations – 27 October 2014

(Reuters / Stringer)

(Reuters / Stringer)

Senior Qatari officials have refuted allegations the country is financially backing Islamic State militants in Syria. But the UK government faces pressure to push the Gulf state’s Emir to take tougher action against jihadi financiers.

Prime Minister David Cameron is set to host Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and several senior Qatari officials in Downing Street for lunch this week. During the meeting, the PM will broker discussions to draw billions of pounds of foreign investment to British shores.

The Emir’s visit comes amid growing international concern over alleged Qatari funding of Islamic State and Al-Qaeda. While Qatari officials strongly deny allegations the state is financing or supporting terrorists in Syria, they told the BBC they are working in tandem with Western and Arab intelligence services to support moderate militants in the region.

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