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James Corbett- The Corbett Report – Gladio B: Protecting Terrorists And Stifling Investigations – 29 October 2014

JamesCorbett4Following is a transcript of the second interview in the Gladio B interview series. Listen to the audio of the interview here or watch the video in the player below:

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Payday Loan Brokers Help Themselves To UK Savers’ Accounts, Customers Outraged – 29 October 2014

RT logoBrokers linked to payday loan companies may be raiding the bank accounts of over 1 million Britons, with many being the poorest in society, the UK’s biggest banks have warned.

Natwest, one of the largest retail banking chains in Britain, said it was “inundated” with complaints from customers.

Victims claimed that brokerages, offering deals on payday loans – short term loans with very high fixed rates of interest – are extracting sums of £50 to £70 from savings accounts without informing customers first.

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Supermarket Giant Tesco Faces UK Criminal Investigation – 29 October 2014

RT logoThe Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has announced it is carrying out a criminal investigation into Tesco’s accounting irregularities after the supermarket overstated profits by £263 million (US$424.7 million).

The UK’s accountancy regulator, the Financial Reporting Council, is also monitoring the supermarket.

Confirming the investigation, Tesco said “it will continue to cooperate fully with the FCA and other relevant authorities considering this matter.”

Last week, accountancy firm Deloitte finished its investigations into the grocer, which is the world’s third-largest retailer, and found that projected profits had been overestimated over the course of the year.

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Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul October 28, 2014 – 29 October 2014

Uploaded on 28 October 2014 by Tom Lescher
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John Ward – New York Times ‘Foley Torture’ Piece: More Establishment Propaganda? – 29 October 2014

Callimachi3Before dolling out fulsome praise, we should look more closely at Rukmini Callimachi’s agenda

Rukmini Callimachi is a 43 year-old American woman of Romanian birth whose parents escaped from Communism via Switzerland when she was very small. She is also the author of the much-retweeted, TV-featured and widely reblogged New York Times article of last week describing in graphic detail the brutal treatment of prisoners such as James Foley before he was allegedly beheaded.

Yesterday, I watched her being interviewed on CBS News. She obviously signs up totally to the War on Terror thing, as she mentions it quite a lot. Ms Callimachi also thinks Obama should’ve negotiated. She made a big deal about Foley being waterboarded and tortured before his death. Much, indeed, as the Islamics held in Guantanamo Bay were. And we still don’t know the name of any of her sources. Continue reading

Federal Reserve Ends Quantitative Easing Bond-Buying Program – 29 October 2014

RT logoThe Federal Reserve has officially announced an end to its quantitative easing bond-buying program, but economists are split over whether the central bank’s decision will help or hinder post-recession recovery.

As expected, the Fed said Wednesday afternoon that it’s third and most recent round of quantitative easing, QE3, would come to an end.

“The Committee judges that there has been a substantial improvement in the outlook for the labor market since the inception of its current asset purchase program. Moreover, the Committee continues to see sufficient underlying strength in the broader economy to support ongoing progress toward maximum employment in a context of price stability. Accordingly, the Committee decided to conclude its asset purchase program this month,” reads part of a statement released by the Fed on Wednesday. “The Committee is maintaining its existing policy of reinvesting principal payments from its holdings of agency debt and agency mortgage-backed securities in agency mortgage-backed securities and of rolling over maturing Treasury securities at auction. This policy, by keeping the Committee’s holdings of longer-term securities at sizable levels, should help maintain accommodative financial conditions.”

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Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Investigator Resigned After Being Accused Of Paying For Sex – 29 October 2014

RT logoWeeks before the director of the Secret Service resigned earlier this month, the investigator tasked with probing the 2012 prostitution scandal involving that agency quit quietly after being accused of paying for sex himself.

The New York Times was the first publication to report on Tuesday this week that David Nieland resigned from the United States Department of Homeland Security — the office that oversees the Secret Service, among other agencies — after he was approached by supervisors about alleged misconduct involving a Florida prostitute.

Previously, Nieland served as the lead investigator in charge of examining the 2012 incident in which several members of the Secret Service were accused of patronizing prostitutes while in Colombia ahead of US President Barack Obama’s arrival for a conference there. Ultimately, the DHS Office of Inspector Generator report led by Nieland concluded that 13 members of the Secret Service had “personal encounters” with Colombian nationals during the trip, and several agents with the president’s security detail resigned as a result of the scandal.

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John Ward – Replacing Systemic Process With Anthropologically Informed Systems: A Must-Read From Martin Whitlock – 29 October 2014


Towards a society for people as we really are (not as governments, economists and big corporations would like us to be). £12.99 from Mindhenge Books

For some time now, we have needed a book to lay out clearly, with evidence, what’s flawed in our current ways of thinking about society, its economic output, and how it is governed. The one I was sent to read by Mindhenge books a couple of weeks ago is near-perfect in its diagnosis and advocacy.

In calling the volume ‘Human Politics: Human Value’, the author Martin Whitlock nails it in the headline – it’s all about human creativity and contentment, not systemic ideologies – but his starting point is valuable insights and devastating data to show that in its social, economic, administrative and governmental values, Western society has truly lost a plot that – for a brief time from 1946 until 1971 – it did once have. Continue reading

France To Hand Over First Mistral Helicopter Carrier On Nov 14 – Russia – 29 October 2014

RT logoFrance may hand over the first of two Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia on November 14, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said. He announced that Moscow had received an invitation to take delivery at France’s Saint-Nazaire shipyards.

“Rosoboronexport [Russia’s state owned arms exporter] has received an invitation to arrive in Saint-Nazaire on November 14, where 360 Russian sailors and 60 specialist trainers are already,” Rogozin said.

On that day, Vladivostok – the first of two Mistral-class helicopter carrier ships – should be handed over to Russia. The Deputy PM also assumed the second carrier, the Sevastopol, would also be in dock.

“We act from the fact that France must protect its own reputation as a reliable partner, including on issues of military cooperation,” he said. France has always stressed that for them this would be “the litmus test of their national pride and sovereignty,” the Deputy PM added.

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Netanyahu ‘Chickenshit’ & ‘Coward’: US Officials Go Tough On Israeli PM – 29 October 2014

RT logoUS-Israeli relations have sunk to new lows after Obama administration officials were cited calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “chickenshit” and “coward” engaging in political posturing, instead of efforts at Middle-Eastern de-escalation.

The comments were delivered in a conversation with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg on condition of anonymity. To many they symbolize the next step in a “full-blown crisis” of relations between the two, primarily over Netanyahu’s relentless settlement-building in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, and the Iranian nuclear issue.

“The thing about Bibi is, he’s a chickenshit,” said one official, referring to Netanyahu by his nickname. “The good thing about Netanyahu is that he’s scared to launch wars. The bad thing about him is that he won’t do anything to reach an accommodation with the Palestinians or with the Sunni Arab states,” he continued.

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