Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Investigator Resigned After Being Accused Of Paying For Sex – 29 October 2014

RT logoWeeks before the director of the Secret Service resigned earlier this month, the investigator tasked with probing the 2012 prostitution scandal involving that agency quit quietly after being accused of paying for sex himself.

The New York Times was the first publication to report on Tuesday this week that David Nieland resigned from the United States Department of Homeland Security — the office that oversees the Secret Service, among other agencies — after he was approached by supervisors about alleged misconduct involving a Florida prostitute.

Previously, Nieland served as the lead investigator in charge of examining the 2012 incident in which several members of the Secret Service were accused of patronizing prostitutes while in Colombia ahead of US President Barack Obama’s arrival for a conference there. Ultimately, the DHS Office of Inspector Generator report led by Nieland concluded that 13 members of the Secret Service had “personal encounters” with Colombian nationals during the trip, and several agents with the president’s security detail resigned as a result of the scandal.

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