Lisa Gawlas – The Song Of Creation Comes Thru YOU!! – 31 October 2014

lisagawlas2Before I get into the extraordinary information that came thru the connections yesterday, the additional information of how we work now, I want to talk about my own personal experience yesterday, because I know it all ties in together.

I had to go back to the Cancer Center yesterday to release some of the increased amounts of red blood that my body seemed to make as it decreased my white blood.  All I could think of is a teeter-tater effect in my body, one goes down, the other must go up.  Since this is no different from giving blood at the red cross, I had no anxiety around the procedure, I had given blood lots of time thru my life.  Instead of a stab in the ass, my oncologist sent me to the phlebotomy lab to be drained.  By body wanted nothing to do with it and even tho they tapped my veins several times, my blood would not flow into that little bag for a fill up.  I requested a two-day reprieve that was granted and I went back yesterday.

As I took a shower, I asked the water to help my blood run freely this day.  I also asked my blood to run without problems when we get there so we don’t have to go back.  I am getting a little road weary!!  Sure enough, the moment they tapped my vein my blood ran into the little bag like a trooper.  The moment the bag got to almost full, my vein blew and that’s all they were getting.  I looked at my arm and my body started talking instantly.  They didn’t need any more than what it released, they have no idea why my red blood had to compensate for the decrease in my white blood and that’s all they get.  Unlike when you give blood at the red cross, they don’t leave you on empty, they replace the blood with saline.  More than likely because the people surrounding me has cancer and most of the procedures that were happening around me were chemo treatments and trials.  With that thought in mind, my body also said it wants nothing to do with the intake of the saline.  Saline is made up of water, water absorbs energy and emotions and the emotions running thru this place is filled with sadness and pain.  When my lady affirmed that my vein blew, she said she is not going to try to give me saline.  Phew!!  I could even see my body relax with a smile of achievement.

On my drive home, for the first time I think, my own body was yappy.  Maybe it was the upgrade in the garage the other day, I dunno.  But it was talking about its own consciousness, its own participation in this evolution we are all going thru.  It thanked for always honoring its desires, what it needs in any moment instead of honor outside information that assumes it needs anything different.  It explained to me that most people force an agenda on their changing body that is not needed and creates stress on the changing cellular structure.  Some days it needs to focus its intake on proteins, some days, veggies, some days even fats and so on.  It even throws out a signal to desire chocolate… and I loved the reason it said why.  When we eat chocolate it releases the same endorphins in our bodies as hugs do.  It really is our body’s way of literally hugging us, thanking us for honoring its process.

The change our cellular structure is changing into is unprecedented and undocumented with detail, with that, no one knows the next step except the collective group known as our cells.  Trust completely the signals coming from your body.  Equally, take comfort in what appears to be, and often feels like chaos in the body structure.  Help it when it needs the help (with outside stuff like meds or procedures.) Change does happen turbulently more often than not!

Now to tie this all in, everything in our personal worlds have hit a new high.  Everything is accelerating, which means that the visual spectrum and the audio spectrum has increased in its output of frequency.  Please be sure you are practicing every day to increase the intake of vibration within your own personal antenna’s of vision, hearing and feeling.  All three innate attributes are going to be crucial for your part in our evolving play!!

I am going in no particular order with the rest of this sharing, except what my team is bringing up to share at each section here.  One of my lady’s, a virgin on my field, meaning, a puzzle piece we never got to see before, showed up with amazing information.

I am going to bring back my very humble diagram from yesterday, with added detail, because it really does play an important part in todays sharing.


power field


Because I didn’t realize this yesterday, those blue nodes should be in complete alignment with the cross and X on this diagram.  I also want to thank Kathleen for sharing some wisdom about those nodes.  For those of you who are as clueless as I am about how electrical fences work, here is some insight she provided:  The yellow thingies are plastic insulators. Keeping the energy flowing past the posts and not letting the energy flow back down the fence post. Constant flow, uninterrupted.

Even tho we do not have posts that I visually see, there has been incoming information about the 4 points of the + as well as the four points of the X and personally, I still trying to figure out the whole purpose, which we are seeing is added day by day.

So back to my virgin (smile) the very first thing I heard was drum beats, the kind of drum beats that come from native american drumming.  I got really excited, in this whole world of music, pure native american drumming makes my own heart go boom, boom. boom.  As I focused my hearing the drum beats, my visual became clearer, there were drums at every intersection (+ and X points.)  And not just little, personal drums, big ones.  All I could think of was the kind of drum Esther brought to our gathering last year (minus all the artwork):

2013-07-19 19.58.32

Each drum had a wonderful, unique sound to it, but the sound was also triggering an emotion within my body.  The male energy presenting this visual said they had lived long ago, even before the dinosaur age.   They had a pure connection to all things and was in perfect harmony with all of Life.  He went on to explain, when they created their drums, they were very purposeful as to what animal frequency they were going to use, especially for the top part of the drum stick.  Each animal created a resonance of its own with the drumming.  This morning, he is also adding they never put permanent art on any of their instruments nor themselves, art of any form changes the nature frequency of anything.

I had seen her drums all in a circle, again at each node point directly on the “electric fence.”  Her guy, who said (after her session as I was thinking about him) they called themselves the Pa-Jatonka people.  I can even see his face, so deeply red, very unlike the natives today who are more brownish reddish.  His face was sun wrinkled, a lot!!  In his day, this was the desire of all peoples, even the little ones, to become sun wrinkled, an expression of time and wisdom thru the physical vehicle.

So, getting back to the drums, to sound itself.  Every individual emotion within our body has a sound, a song if you will.  This sound/song when plucked from your own beating heart, with purposeful intent, acts like a magnet and pulls from the ethers, the song of desire coming thru your inner drum, your heart.

My lady does not have to go out and invest in 8 drums, but become intimately aware of the sound of her emotions and learning to play them together.  I cannot imagine this is not true for all of us.

Now to take this in a slight contrast, one of my ladies yesterday, her instrument was more like a cylinder from a music box.

music box cylinder

Her cylinder was silver, with the protrusions shown in this picture.  Except that those protrusions at create the sound when moving along the electric fence, changed with her emotions.  With her, I could actually see the musical notes being released, all of them expressing in a yellow gold frequency and moving outward in what we would perceive as our future, bringing her song of desire to her present.

Unlike my drum lady whose sounds were deep, this one was higher in the notes frequency (sorry, I don’t speak music, hopefully you know what I mean.)

OMG, I just got this whole thing.  My music box lady just came back from Italy, where she went to visit something in relationship to St. Francis of Assisi, a soul she has a deep connection with (and as we found out in her reading yesterday, vise versa too.)  I just heard the phrase:  “make me an instrument of Your peace” By none other than St. Francis.

What if the true interpretation of his quote, was Francis asking to be clear on his song in this universe, to be able to play the instrument of his heart as a piece of the song of music that enriches life direct from the Source (god) him/her Self.

I do want to change the subject just for a moment. My music box lady asked me if St. Francis had any additional messages for her.  Even as she was asking this question, I could see this golden form standing on her north node of her electric fence, in his hand he was (at first) tightly holding onto a bird, strangely enough, a bird that manifested itself in my personal home the day prior:


I could feel the energy of release as St. Francis opened his fingers, the ultimate “letting go” and this precious bird flew into my ladys center field.  With it came this profound and clear message.  When we hold onto something so tightly, it has no freedom of movement.  However, when we let anything and everything go, it can come swiftly into our world of creation.

Think about that for a long moment, especially in the arena of desires.  We can trap the very energy that is needed for its arrival by constantly focusing tightly on its presence in our world.

Now I also want to talk about my precious little wren, because of the tie in with my lady and St. Francis message.  I fell asleep the other day and was awoken with a startle because I felt something brush against my feet.  I live alone, nothing should be brushing my feet!!  I quickly sat up, looked around my room and suddenly seen this beautiful little bird sitting on my dishes.  Where the hell did you come from?  There are no windows or doors open, there are no openings in my dwelling to come into.  I wanted to direct him outside and instead, he flew into my bedroom and started singing his heart out.  I figured my bedroom could use a new song, since I have spent many a night bitching because I couldn’t breathe.

I opened the front and back doors so that when he was done, he could just fly out a door to safety from my walls.  Instead, this little guy came hopping/sliding across my floor and walked out my front door and then flew away after crossing the threshold.

It wasn’t until St. Francis explained to my beautiful lady that when we have a desire, feel the music within us of it, release it, it can come back to us in our created world, instantly.  So when I was done with that reading, feeling like I now have super sonic hearing lol, I asked…. whats up with that bird.  Instantly, my father said it was me.  I came to visit you in a way you could see me, and sing songs to you in a way you can hear me.  He too had an affinity to the birds when he was alive.  He brushed my feet to show me he is walking with me.

Sadly, I tend to shut my father’s energy off in his spiritual form.  I have been trying to figure out why I do that… but will cease from here on out!!  I will open my hands and my heart, to receive!!  May every one of you do the same!!  Magic is in the airwaves, strumming towards us from the love beating in our hearts.

Now, going back to the music of our soul, there is equally a musical energy to the earth’s soul, the suns soul and even the space between the two (think, air.)  As we become the creators of the new earths desires and dreams, our job is to not only recognize the music of our hearts, but also, the music of earth and the music of the sun and in between (depending on the group you fall into.)  Even the plant and animal whisperers must pay attention to the sound, the music being emitted by the new life forms singing their new songs.

Most of what I am seeing right now… some will use the + points, others will use the X points and yet some others, both combined.  What I don’t know is what the hell it’s bigger purpose is…. yet.  Or really what to do with these points.  Maybe that’s your job, I am barely keeping up with all the new information, new techniques being presented thru your Soul Light.

But spirit had said many times right now, they are simply dropping information that we need in our present moment, it will all expand and enlarge as we do and more information will be released for our progress.

Well, there is much more, but too much missing pieces and my team wants me to hold back for now.  Who am I to argue!!

Ohhh I am going to leave off with this interesting piece of info that my team just presented.  The higher notes (like music box lady) is in the tones of the earth sounds.  The deeper notes (like drum lady) is in the tones of the sun energy.  There are many sounds in between that represent all the elements, all the life forms present.  Like an orchestra, we MUST learn our instrument so when we come together, we are one hellofa rock opera creating together!!!

I also want to mention, on a very personal note here.  Lately, my inbox has been flooded with personal stories, insights and stuff.  I read everything that comes into my inbox (rarely do I read or respond to anything beyond my wall on facebook, just to be clear here) there is not enough of me to reply.  I have noticed yesterday too, I have over 300 email replies sitting in my “drafts”  box, I must be hitting save instead of send.   Forgive me if I have not responded to an email you sent or even a thank you for a donation that was received.  I really try to keep up, but lately, I just cannot find the time.

I love you all so very very much, you really are the amazing music that rocks my soul!!

((((HUGZ)))) of freedom and creation beyond your wildest dreams!!

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