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Boko Haram Denies Truce With Govt, Says Kidnapped Girls ‘Married Off’ – 1 November 2014

RT logoThe Boko Haram leader denies any negotiations with the Nigerian government and claims that the 219 girls kidnapped earlier this year have converted to Islam and been “married off.”

“Don’t you know the over 200 Chibok schoolgirls have converted to Islam?” said Abubakar Shekau, the radical Islamist group’s leader in a video obtained by AP and AFP on Friday.

“They have now memorized two chapters of the Koran. We have married them off. They are in their marital homes,” he added, laughing.

Although many of the kidnapped girls escaped after the first few days of their abduction, 219 remain missing. An international Twitter campaign, #BringBackOurGirls, was launched in an effort to spur the Nigerian government to take more decisive measures to rescue the girls.

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‘360-Degree Range’: Israel Develops Maritime ‘Iron Dome’ Missile Defense System – 1 November 2014

RT logoIsrael is looking to build on the success of its Iron Dome, used during the Gaza War this summer, by creating a maritime version. The developers say it boasts a 360-degree range and can fire a missile every second.

The architect of the new program, Rafael, an Israeli state owned defense contractor, is looking to find buyers for its new sea-based missile system. They believe it could be especially effective in trying to defend and protect economic assets at sea, such as oil and gas platforms.

The C-Dome was unveiled at this week’s Euronaval conference in Le Bourget.

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‘Inner Voices’: US Scientists Spy On Human Minds With Brain Decoder – 1 November 2014

RT logoKeeping your thoughts strictly to yourself may soon prove infeasible, with scientists working on a break-through, mind-reading device. The idea is to help people who are physically unable to interact with the outside world.

In fact, it’s all about hearing “inner voices” and correctly interpreting them with the help of unique individual decoders, a researcher from the University of California, Berkley, explained.

“If you’re reading text in a newspaper or a book, you hear a voice in your own head. We’re trying to decode the brain activity related to that voice to create a medical prosthesis that can allow someone who is paralyzed or locked in to speak,” Brian Pasley told New Scientist magazine.

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Hyper Report – Happy Halloween – 141030 – 1 November 2014

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 963 – The BFP Roundtable On The Marketing Of Islamic Terror – 1 November 2013

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On this edition of the BFP Roundtable the panel gets into a lively discussion on the marketing of the “ISIS” brand of “Islamic Terror.” But if the terror boogeyman is the product, then who’s the customer and who are they buying from? Join Peter, Sibel, Guillermo and James for an uncensored conversation on terror, black ops, boogeymen and blowbac

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‘This Is Apartheid!’ Israeli Minister Blasts Bus Segregation For Palestinians – 1 November 2014

RT logoRequests for separate buses for Palestinians in Israel are “unacceptable” and resemble “apartheid,” the country’s Justice Minister said, adding that this kind of discrimination is banned by Israeli law.

“It’s intolerable, the claims that they [the settlers] need their own buses, because one [Palestinian] didn’t get up for a woman or an elderly person, and another wasn’t nice to them. This is apartheid!” Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said.

“That’s something I find unacceptable, and I’ll work against it,” she vowed. “This is discrimination that’s forbidden by Israeli law.”

Livni’s statements come after the country’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon decided that West Bank Arabs working in Israel should have their own segregated public buses when traveling to and from Israel via a single crossing.

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Ferguson Cop Who Shot Michael Brown ‘Unlikely To Face Civil Rights Charges’ – 1 November 2014

RT logoThe white police officer who shot and killed unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, is unlikely to face federal civil rights charges for his role in the incident, according to a Friday report by the Washington Post.

Officials familiar with the ongoing civil rights investigation conducted by the Justice Department stated that detectives feel there is not sufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Officer Darren Wilson willfully violated Brown’s rights,the reportclaimed.

If true, the news would underscore the difficulty of proving if and when an officer intends to violate an individual’s civil rights.

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