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Kerry Calls Netanyahu To Apologize For Official’s ‘Chickenshit’ Comment – 1 November 2014

RT logoUS Secretary of State John Kerry phoned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday to apologize for the remarks of an anonymous senior government official who called the PM “chickeshit.”

Kerry and Netanyahu had a “good conversation” that included a discussion of ways to improve relations between US and Israeli leaders, American officials told the Times of Israel. The two men also discussed other regional issues, including efforts to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

“The thing about Bibi [Netanyahu] is, he’s a chickenshit,” a senior Obama administration official told the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, who published the quote in an article Tuesday on the “crisis in US-Israeli relations.

“The good thing about Netanyahu is that he’s scared to launch wars. The bad thing about him is that he won’t do anything to reach an accommodation with the Palestinians or with the Sunni Arab states,” the anonymous source continued.
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Mahala – Planet Alert November 2014 – 1 November 2014

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National Guard Feployed In Hawaii As Kilauea Lava Flows Through Town – 1 November 2014

RT logoThe Hawaii National Guard is sending troops to Pahoa, a rural town currently dealing with encroaching lava from the Kilauea volcano. The lava is threatening to destroy a major road in the already-isolated town.

The National Guard deployed Thursday 83 troops to Pahoa, a town of about 950 residents, to assist with security, including the construction of a roadblock and other pressing safety issues, AP reported citing Hawaii County Civil Defense Director Darryl Oliveira.

From a newly-formed vent, the Kilauea volcano has leaked lava northeast toward the ocean since June. The lava has slowed since scientists said last month that it would take over the main road in the town within weeks. Nevertheless, the lava has stayed on course and still threatens to consume the town’s main thoroughfare.

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Facebook Peeping Got Dane Fired, Court Says It’s Legal – 1 November 2014

RT logoIf you’re getting distracted at work right now, you should know this: A Danish court has just ruled that firing an employee for updating his Facebook page while on the job was legal.

A male employee, who had worked at wind turbine company Vestas for 15 years, was fired for going online and updating his Facebook page while working the nightshift as a security guard, according to the Danish news outlet Politiken.

The next day, he was confronted by his supervisor. The boss said he had spent more than two hours on the internet, for private purposes, which violated the company’s policy.

Company officials gave the employee just minutes to vacate the premises, Ritzau news agency said on Thursday.

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Laura Bruno – A Bean Worth Drying: The Scarlet Runner – 1 November 2014


Yummy! It’s been a scarlet runner bean Halloween. With temperatures set to dip into the 20’s tonight, I pulled out the bamboo stakes, harvested the remaining pods, and spread the masses of nitrogen rich biomass on tomato beds, then covered with straw. I love the meaty taste and texture of scarlet runner beans, and they are just so pretty at every stage of growth! This afternoon, I added some of the green pods, chopped up, in a curried carrot (from the garden) soup. The pods need extra cooking, but everything tasted great.

Thanks to A Gardener’s Table for the tip that I can let these dry off the vine on our porch. I wondered what to do with the huge pile on our counter! Looking forward to the recipe, too. Continue reading

Cameron’s Vow To Tackle Tax Avoidance ‘Disingenuous And Hypocritical’ – 1 November 2014

RT logoMultinational firms which exploit loopholes to avoid paying tax in the UK will be pushed to “damn well pay,” David Cameron said on Thursday. The PM’s statement was denounced as disingenuous by global tax expert and UK economist Richard Murphy.

Cameron’s comments follow recent controversy over the manner in which mammoth firms such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks flout tax on revenues generated in Britain.

Speaking to RT on Friday, Murphy dismissed the prime minister’s pledge to tackle tax avoidance in Britain as hollow rhetoric. Lauded as 2013’s 7th most influential person on the international tax stage, Murphy has been instrumental in placing tax havens on the global agenda.But the economist and anti-poverty campaigner holds little hope for a tangible tax policy shift from the current coalition.

“The problem is that David Cameron’s walk and his talk are completely inconsistent. The truth is that he’s almost always on the side of the companies that are not paying tax,”he said.

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Senate And AP Femand Disclosure Of All cases where FBI Posed As Media – 1 November 2014

RT logoEvidence that the FBI hacked a teenage suspect’s computer by sending spyware disguised as a link to a news report has prompted a prominent politician and the Associated Press to both ask the attorney general for an explanation.

Documents unearthed this week revealed that the FBI compromised the computer of a 15-year-old student in 2007 in an effort to positively identify the person thought responsible for sending bomb threats to a Washington state high school. Yet while questions were quickly raised after that revelation about the ethics involved in letting federal investigators conduct full-fledged hacking, how exactly the FBI installed spyware on their target’s computer — by sending the suspect a link disguised to look like an AP article published by the Seattle Times — has now alarmed not only the news wire, but a leading lawmaker in Washington.

Only days after details of the 2007 operation were disclosed this week, the AP and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, both sent letters to Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday expressing their concern over the FBI’s conduct.

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Jon Rappoport – Power Outside The Matrix: Beyond Mind Control – 1 November 2014

jon7In terms of sheer numbers, propaganda is the most extensive form of mind control on the planet.

But propaganda is more than lies.

The person who accepts a lie sets up an internal matrix composed of images, feelings, and beliefs.

These components are the mechanism by which a lie becomes a full-fledged reality. This is how mind control operates.

The literal lie is just the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface, the recipient constructs an image-feeling-belief home for the lie. Continue reading

‘US’s Real concern – Russia Switching From Commodity Export To Industrial Development Policy’ – 1 November 2014

RT logoThe US fears that Russia might depart from its trajectory of being a major commodity export economy two one that launches a national industrial development policy, Jeffrey Sommers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee told RT’s In the Now show.

RT: Some would say Cold War concepts never fully ended but why are we seeing such bump in rhetoric now?

Jeffrey Sommers: It really started with the operation that Russia launched with South Ossetia and Abkhazia following the US’s efforts to bring the Republic of Georgia into NATO.And then of course it has certainly increased with the recent conflict in Ukraine. I would say that in addition to that, the great fear of the US as a kind of a declining power is that Russia might depart from its trajectory of the past two decades of being a major commodity export economy two one that launches a national industrial development policy. This is something that the US really fears.

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Pro-Democracy Protests In HK: But What Is Democracy Dor Them? – 1 November 2014

RT logoHong Kong protesters – mainly students who lack ideology and political awareness – are playing to the hands of the West, which has lately been demonizing all governments resisting its quest for global dominance.

At the North Point in Hong Kong, near Kowloon Ferry, a middle-aged man is waving a banner that reads “Support Our Police.” On the photo, the tents and umbrellas of the “pro-democracy” “Occupy Central” protest movement (also known as the “Umbrella Movement”) are depicted in a depressing sepia color.

Are you against the protesters?” I ask the man.

I am not for or against them,” he replies. “But it is known that they have some 1 million supporters here. While Hong Kong has over 7 million inhabitants. We think that it is time to clear the roads and allow this city to resume its normal life.

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