Sophia Love – Money, Money, Money, Money – 3 November 2014

SophiaLoveNewThere is a sense of foreboding approaching as we begin November and it is escalating. This, a result of the observance and subsequent prediction of world events. Keep in mind always that the whole notion of “future” is a fallacy. All is now. In every now moment you retain creative control.

Your actions, your thoughts, your words, your writing and your choice of watching/reading material are formative. You are not only an observer of world events – but a creator of them. There are no small actions, no “lesser” participants. The multimillion dollar propaganda machine exists for that very reason – every single one of you is equally powerful and a contributor to it. There is no one person more powerful by right or substance than any other. Power that is perceived is created that way by the masses of people perceiving it.

Understanding and applying this will yield control in a visible way of the world’s events. No one is inherently any more powerful or able to accomplish this than you. Your power of focus and intent produces events locally and globally.

This may mean a shift in focus – away from headlines and fear. Look, as often as possible, on a world you would choose. Here is a world of abundance and peace, healing and compassion, acceptance and fulfillment. Here is Unity “Now”.

Those control systems that we’ve allowed to run things are running still. The collapse of this debt and fear based monopoly seems around the corner. Finance is not my background; my expertise is in sovereignty and agape. Both share something with the make believe monetary system currently in place; the concept of value.

You are hearing about the “collapse of the petrodollar”, along with predictions of catastrophic failure. For those caught up in the illusion of money=value this may appear to be so. Yet you are aware of a greater truth. There can never be a collapse of your worth. The value you hold right now, has been declared in gold and documented. This, a very physical representation that exceeds an amount necessary for comfort. This, because with that much gold as representative of your worth – any discussion of subservience is ridiculous. All are equal.

Is this conversation relevant if I still need $$ to buy bread? It may be. We are walking/skipping/running/jumping into a new paradigm and as we do, we are defining it. Your life is now and has always been structured by the air you exhale. Your beliefs around value and worth define how it shows up for you.

Some of you know that last week we ran a raffle for a complimentary Chak-DALA. The response was huge and the team at BRAVE Mandala were overwhelmed. Here is their response, sent to everyone who entered –

The duo at BRAVEmandala were so blown away by the abundant response that they had an’Oprah moment‘. So they’ve decided that…

You get a ChakDALA! You get a ChakDALA! You get a ChakDALA!
Everyone that entered this week’s contest gets a ChakDALA!
So…. be on the lookout over the next few weeks for your very own ChakDALA.”

Now, here is a HUGE exhalation of abundance! They are giddy with it and playing with it and the exchange of prosperity energy is off the charts!!!

This is the world I’d like to be living in everyday. Value is individually declared and experienced. Let’s move the conversation there and watch the abundance manifest around us. All discussions of failure and collapse will be meaningless as our worth is not up for discussion. We are giving form to the next method of exchange right now.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

The team at BRAVE is hosting a Chak DALA Quest on Facebook here.

We are in the last days of this weeks giving – a group Skype session with myself and Roy. For details, sign up here.

Much love and abundant blessings,
~Sophia / link to orginal article


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