‘Wrong Kind Of Recovery’: Wage Inequality, Austerity And Homelessness Prevail – 3 November 2014

RT logoOver 20 percent of UK workers earn less that the nation’s living wage, a KPMG report reveals. Meanwhile, as inequality rises and austerity prevails, over 90,000 children are homeless, new research suggests.

Published on Monday to coincide with ‘Living Wage Week’, KPMG’s research indicates younger workers, females and part-time staff are the most likely to earn a salary that falls beneath the living wage.

Considered to be the fundamental threshold of pay necessary for a basic but reasonable standard of living, the living wage for 2014 was £8.80 per hour in London and £7.65 in other regions of Britain.

Revised living wage rates were announced by London Mayor Boris Johnson on Monday, with the basic benchmark rising to £9.15 for Londoners and £7.85 for workers in other parts of the country.

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