Iraq Inquiry To Cost Taxpayer £10Mn – 4 November 2014

RT logoThe Inquiry into the invasion of Iraq in 2003 will cost the taxpayer £10mn, peers have been informed. Ongoing since 2009, the Chilcot Inquiry has already cost £9mn and has faced mounting criticism for its late publication.

In response to questions in the House of Lords, Lord Wallace of Saltaire compared the figure to the £100mn spend on the 1998 Saville Inquiry into the Bloody Sunday shootings in Northern Ireland.

Lord Wallace of Saltaire (image from

Lord Wallace of Saltaire (image from

Lord Saltaire, however, further said it would be “inappropriate” to publish the report in the run up to the May 2015 general election. If the Inquiry fails to publish by February, in keeping with the pre-poll deadline, publication will be postponed yet again.

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