Fukushima Dismantling Crew Removes 400 Tons Of Spent Fuel From Crippled Reactor – 5 November 2014

Photo from facebook.com/OfficialTEPCOen
Photo from facebook.com/OfficialTEPCOen

The first of four sets of spent nuclear fuel rods has been removed from a damaged reactor building at Japan’s Fukushima power plant, scoring a major success in an effort to dismantle the quake and tsunami-wrecked facility.

The 1,331 spent fuel rod assemblies weighting some 400 tons have been recovered from the upper levels of the Reactor 4 building after a year-long operation, a spokeswoman for Fukushima operator TEPCO reported on Wednesday. The last 11 assemblies were removed on Tuesday.

The recovered assemblies were placed in a storage pool at ground level of the plant, the company said.

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