NHS ‘Wasting £2Bn’ A Year On Excessive, ‘Unnecessary’ Treatment – Report – 6 November 2014

RT logoThe National Health Service (NHS) is squandering billions of pounds each year, providing expensive treatment that patients do not need, a leading British medical body has warned. Unions and campaigners strongly dispute the claims, however.

Ina report produced by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) on Thursday, patients in the UK are increasingly being exposed to “unnecessary” procedures in hospitals, amidst increasing financial pressure on the NHS budget by the British government.

The yearlong study also found that that the NHS wasted approximately £2.3 billion every year by conducting procedures it could have provided more affordably, or avoided altogether. According to the report, one in five patients receive X-ray treatment for minor injuries, costing £221 million a year.

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