Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 8 November 2014


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Within you, the love permeating the entire universe exists, waiting to be expressed. Your life here upon the earth is a series of choices as to how you will bring that love to the surface. What matters most at the end of your life is not what you have accomplished, not what you have produced, not how much money you made, nor how good you looked, but simply how you loved.

So if you lived in poverty your whole life but loved and appreciated everyone in it, we would call your life an incredible success. If you built monuments but lived without love we would give you great compassion as you realize that your life was not what you had hoped it would be before you came to earth.

While your accomplishments are certainly things to celebrate, it is the love with which you do them that is of even greater concern to your soul. So if you have to wash the dishes, wash them with love. Take time to smell the soap and feel the water upon your miraculous hands. If you have to fold the laundry, fold it with love. If you have to go to work to earn a living, do so with love and gratitude that you have work, and if you are not in a place that enlivens your soul, then lovingly begin the process of prayer and manifesting change. Even then, dear ones you can find love inside of you and bring it to the surface.

Even in the simplest tasks you can bring glorious and beautiful amounts of appreciation and love. Even in the most difficult and exhausting circumstances you can love yourself enough to call upon God and your angels for comfort and assistance. When you are sad, angry, or fearful, you can love yourself even in the darker spaces. In choosing to love, you transform your life, one moment at a time. And this dear ones, is the greatest accomplishment a soul can create upon your planet earth.

God bless you, we love you so very much.
Each and every one of you is a brilliant success in our eyes!
— The Angels


Hi Everyone,

Like everyone else, I get caught up sometimes in the need to produce… my website, my newsletters, my Facebook pages, my show… you name it, I always have some project, and usually many in the works. However, the angels constantly remind me that when I suddenly become weary or am not doing my work with love I must either choose to bring love to the situation or put the work down for awhile and do something else that I can love. It is true, in some of the most mundane moments of life, I have felt the most enlightened states of awareness.

Earlier this year I took a break from working on my show to go fold laundry. I was sitting there feeling happy because I had just purchased soft new towels. They were warm out of the dryer. They smelled good, and as I folded them with love suddenly I was overcome by a swirling energy that whirled around me, spiraled in front of me and entered my solar plexus. It expanded within me, warming me and running through me like a river. I ran to the mirror and I was glowing gold, feeling beautiful in my own skin and wondering what on earth, and why on earth this blissful energy chose to enliven me while I was doing something so simple. The angels were funny. “You were present. You were happy. You were in love with the towels.” I laughed!! Yes, I was feeling the love at the moment and I was intensely present. At those moments, big beautiful energy is easily embraced.

Just last week I was reminded of the beautiful kaleidoscope tapestry of life and how it is all so rich with love in both the deep dark places and the blissful heights.

I did a reading for a beautiful family who tragically lost their son, and was touched to the core by the depth of their love even in their pain, and the deep desire of their dear one in spirit to connect with them even more meaningfully than he was able to do when alive.

Still raw with their love and pain I sat on the couch after work where I soon felt the warm embrace of my grandfather and my angels. I saw my grandpa smiling at me and burst into tears. It was such beauty to feel the tender and kind touch of spirit after swimming in so many other energies. Ironically his last name, and my original last name is “Nagel”… I joke “angel with two wires crossed!”… I sat there, tears of love streaming down my face, until it dawned on me I had to get up and get the mail. “We’ll walk with you,” he said to me, and the warmth surrounded me even as I got up and ventured out into the beautiful night.

It is only a block to the mailbox, but with my heart full like this it is a miracle mile of magic and wonder. Chris Spheeris’s song “Walk with Me” starte playing in my head as I felt an entourage of angels walking by my side. A grasshopper on the sidewalk looked up at me with wide-eyed wonder under clouds lit like luminescent pearls against the starry night and moonlit sky…

I inhaled the crisp air deeply and inhaled the love that swims and breathes and pulses in every crack and corner of creation and deep within every human heart. Beauty, everywhere, in the simplest spaces in life… in a broken heart, a tender touch, a sweet song, in the eyes of the tiniest creatures, and in the vast night sky. So much life to be grateful for….

This week, embrace the smaller moments, and focus on love when you can. We are meant to have a love affair with life, even in its most meek and humble moments.

Love you all! Have a blessed week.
Ann / link to original article

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