Blossom Goodchild – 8 November 2014

bloss_270711I was just taking some time to tune in for today’s session, when out of nowhere, the song ‘Consider Yourself’, from the musical ‘Oliver’, came into my mind. The chorus ran through my head and I smiled …
‘Consider yourself … at home; Consider yourself … one of the family. We’ve taken to you … so strong, its clear, we’re … going to get along. Consider yourself … our mate. We don’t want to have …no fuss, for after some consideration we can state, consider yourself … one of us!
I realise that was sent through from you … and thought you may like to use this as today’s topic? Good morning, by the way!

And to you we state … Good morning, also. We are happy that you allowed the freedom of mind to bring forth these words of song. For indeed, we are family. You are One of us … We are One of you.

Here lies a topic that would warrant consideration … in considering yourselves to be considered as One of us.

Do you mean from the point of view that we are all One? You know, all that we have been talking about?

From a certain angle, yes. Yet, have any of you ever considered … and we know some of you have … that you have chosen to come down into the physical Earthly form to assist and experience ‘Life’ as it is ‘down there’ … yet, you chose to do so from having being counselled from one of ‘our homes’. I.e., one of our ships?

Well, that doesn’t seem too drastic a leap of understanding. I would imagine many have, as many I hear from, KNOW they are from elsewhere … different planets, stars systems etc. Can I ask? Do those of The Federation who reside on Light ships … also have a ‘planetary’ abode? Or, is their home purely based on board, so to speak?

Each One has a planetary home should they desire. Yet, we do not think in terms of ‘time’ spent away … for this differs from your explanation of time. We can be away from home for long, long adjustments … Yet, when needed, ‘our souls’ can return in a Nano second … in order to recoup and replenish and rebuild in Energy … to continue on, aboard the ships. This is not necessary for all.

What we would like you to understand, is that when we are speaking of The Federation … we are speaking in terms of a vast Family of Light. This incorporates many Galaxies and Universes. Can you consider how huge that is?

 Nope! Not really, to be honest.

When you consider your planet and all those living upon it … humans, mammals, insects plants etc. … all living within the same plane and yet, all with such different methods of ‘living’ to suit Each One. I.e.  Cultural, geographical base, etc. You would find it difficult to express how it was for ALL to live … for each functions differently … according to their needs. In the same way … those not of Earth have many, many different cultures and residences to suit THEIR desires.

Tell me, here we are on Earth, many awaiting for ‘Our merging’ … meaning … acceptance of those from elsewhere and allowing that to become common place for the betterment of All. Are WE the only planet awaiting your arrival in a more open fashion, or do other planets share the same dilemma? Are there Beings on other planets that perhaps think ‘THEY’ are the only ones in existence etc?

No. It is common knowledge on all planets that ‘others’ have form elsewhere.

Do they accept Beings from other places readily, or are some a little apprehensive … or even ‘protective’ of where THEY reside?

Again, many answers can be given and we would say that each scenario that you could possibly think of … would be a case … a situation … somewhere ‘out there’.

Why is it then, that our tiny little planet has such trouble in coming to terms with ‘others’ not from Earth? What is the big hold up? Why all this secrecy?

For one suggestion, we would say that ‘LIFE’ is developing as it should and we are preparing for this as you know.

Yet, were you not going to give it a whirl six years ago … and it had to be aborted? If you were ready to ‘try’ it then … why is it taking so long to ‘retry’?

Because, we are determined that when these ‘showings’ take place … that all is in alignment and that THIS TIME … NOTHING would interfere.

Our GRAND PRESENTATION that was suitable in the year of 2008 has been reconsidered and there is much that we have understood from reactions and non-reactions … as to what did and what did not occur.

I believe in these past six years, many, many more have ‘joined the force!’ Many more KNOW now, that there is ‘something other than us’ and are so ready to greet it. We KNOW also, that we ‘down here’, have raised the vibration in LOVE to a Higher degree and we shall remain here and continue to do so. Yet, there are many, many who FEEL that outside assistance would not go amiss. They FEEL that the ‘state of affairs’ upon this planet has gone way too far off track, and as we are ‘part of the same family’ … it would be greatly appreciated if you would just start letting those who don’t know of you … KNOW of you! You have the ‘know how’ to do it in a way that would not bring any fear … yet, allow people to know where you come from … LOVE. You know me, I’m never going to give up on this little puppy, because it was YOU that got me on to all this in the first place.

And we thank you for never giving up.

It’s so difficult to stay on track. We started off talking about some of us coming from your ships.

Indeed this is so … to come to Earth as part of the Divine plan … in the KNOWING that WE WILL ALL UNITE DURING YOUR LIFETIME UPON THE EARTH PLANE. 

Yet many, I imagine have already been and gone again?

If it was arranged in this way … for that particular soul.

I guess it doesn’t matter, apparently nothing does! Yet, in OUR TRUTH as ONE BIG FAMILY … can you honestly say that in my life time … this GLORIOUS EVENT shall occur?

Should all go according to the Divine plan …

Yet, if it is Divine … surely it WILL?


Then …?

Because, there is STILL FREE WILL Blossom. Free will is an integral part of the Divine plan.

Yet, if WE are making The Game up as we go along … and ‘the dice’ are ‘our choices’ … why haven’t you shown us yet,  in a bigger fashion, that you are ‘walking down this path alongside us’, when so many of us CHOOSE this to happen?

Are we not speaking with you now and telling you so?

Oh chaps! You know what I mean.

We FEEL what you mean. Yet, do you not also FEEL … that you KNOW better than this?


In that … WE ARE WITH YOU.

And for those of you that KNOW your mission … you KNOW that you shall continue forth … expanding IN/AS/THROUGH/LOVE until such time … when that which YOU KNOW will take place … DOES. 


Would you say that it is governments and those ‘above’ governments that stop your procedure, more than the fact, that many would ‘pop their clogs’ on the spot, because their Beings were unprepared?

Without question, there is undermining of who we are … on a very large scale … to prevent us from having a ‘picnic out’. This, as you KNOW … is Highly involved … and the very reason of ‘our abortion’ in your year of 2008. There is great fear among the ranks of those who do not understand who they are …


Without question or doubt.

Then why … just indulge me a minute, my friends … can’t you just do something in our skies to give us a leg up?  As I have said so many times before … folk down here are tired. Yes, we came here as the strongest of the strong … (and by the way, I am wonderfully fine right now. )  Yet, many are not. Their hearts and mine … again ask you to consider a ‘Federation spectaculaire!’  Our Earth sure is in need of the UMPH! Anyone will tell you that. Maybe that wasn’t part of the plan before we came … yet, now we are where we are … we are asking for a change to that agreement. ( ? ) Come on guys … get your glad rags on … it’s party time!

Blossom … in response to that, we desire to say … that contrary to what many think/believe … these remarks of yours are not thrown into the waste paper bin. They are put Highly on the agenda of consideration.

I am laughing, as you know, when I say … ‘Maybe there are a few ‘oldies’ on the board of directors, that need to retire and be replaced with some new, Highly evolved, Federation Youngsters, with new ideas to suit the needs of the troops on the ground.

Maybe so.

Ah dear! You have to laugh. Maybe, I am just making this all up. Maybe, you are just a figment of my imagination?

Yet, without your imagination, we would not be able to correspond with you at all. So … imagine on, Blossom. We … FOR One, AS One of part of your vast family … are grateful that you do so.

The thing is … I think about this often … sometimes, I wonder if we (You and I) are actually making a difference. Other times, I KNOW we are.  Either way … deep in my soul … I KNOW that I came here to do this … it’s an agreement I made. I can change my mind any time I want … yet, at this stage I have no intention of doing so.

We are in joy to hear that.

I am always in joy to partake in these conversations. Onwards and upwards … Oh, that’s right … there is no onwards and upwards … Eh … Here’s to ever moving energy! I LOVE YOU! Thank you. Bye for now.

We honour all you of Earth, who CHOOSE to keep on keeping on IN/AS/THROUGH/ OF/ LOVE.

* The Federation Of Light speak of LOVE.

* An Invocation from Feb 14th , appropriate for todays channelling.  / link to original article


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